Mozambique Buffalo Hunt

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I will wager not many hunters have this adventure on their life bucket list: Travel to Africa at the peak of the 2014 Ebola outbreak and shoot a Cape buffalo at 140 yards while standing waist deep in leech infested water!

That is not exactly your typical buffalo hunt.  Buffalo hunting is normally a close in, thick jess and shoot at short range kind of hunt…except in the Zambezi Delta.  My hunt with Mark and Glenn Haldane of Zambeze Delta Safaris would offer me the chance to experience another part of Africa, different from my earlier safaris.  The fact that I would be hunting with Craig Boddington for an episode of The Boddington Experience (The Boddington Experience) television show and testing the new Legendary Arms Works (LAW Big Five) Big Five rifle made the trip even more extraordinary.Mozambique 2014 Hunt-059

My trip to Mozambique was the usual long flights and on arrival in camp with my wife Cindy and Jack Delozier, also of Legendary Arms Works, I was joined by other seasoned hunters who gave me the chance learn from their experiences. It was wonderful to be totally immersed in all things safari for 10 days. Zambeze Delta Safaris runs an outstanding hunting operation. They provide everything a hunter needs from great food and accommodations to professional hunting expertise and have huge concessions with an abundance of game.  In addition, they give back to Africa with a very significant anti-poaching effort. (ANTI-POACHING: Proven Strategies and Tactics).Mozambique 2014 Hunt-275

Buffalo hunting in the Zambezi Delta is unique.  We based our hunt out of Mungari Camp in Coutada 11. To chase buffalo however, we went to the Delta edge at Silone Camp.  Water is everywhere so you know you will get wet.  The challenge of stalking a buffalo in grass 4-5 inches high makes it like no other hunting.  We used the papyrus islands to get close to the herds, but when we ran out of cover I realized that this would be a “long range affair.”  With the added pressure of 3 video cameras on me, I found it a real challenge to get up on the sticks and focus my concentration on making the shot.  Fortunately, I was able to pull it all together and shot a beautiful old 36” hard boss bull.  The shot was a full frontal chest shot and taken as he stood out from the herd.  The .375 H&H Magnum performed as it has for over a hundred years.  After taking the insurance shot, the herd eventually broke away from my downed buffalo. As I approached him I felt a mixture of incredible excitement, deep respect, relief and the feeling of accomplishment having taken a trophy by fair chase and a clean kill. Craig and Mark took off to pursue the herd and Craig had the chance to take a fine bull an hour later.Mozambique 2014 Hunt-382

Success smiled on me the entire trip. The LAW 704 Big Five rifle performed effortlessly standing up to the harshest of African hunting conditions. I completed the safari with a beautiful dark sable bull (view the video at, a superb warthog, new friendships and lasting memories. If you want to experience a unique and memorable safari, I recommend that you add Mozambique to your hunting bucket list.