Nothing is Off Limits – The Wexford Way

Hunt presented Hard Core is a show inspired by you, the viewer. We stripped out all the commercialization, graphics, and epic slow motion shots, and what you’re left with is something we all love…the HUNT. Todays blog comes from Hard Core Member Keith Burgess.

Texas is a target rich environment to say the least! This week The Hard Core boys have teamed up with the Bone Collector crew at the Wexford Ranch. We have our Hoyt’s dialed in and ready to go. When G5 heard we were all gonna be together on a hunt, they shipped a big box of broad heads for us to try and it was a good thing they did!HUNTBlog1pic2

It started out with team Hardcore scouting, hanging stands, and setting ground blinds up (T-Bone said he sure loves ground blinds) for the upcoming weeks hunts. With us having a couple of days before the BoneCollector crew got there, we got everything setup perfectly! This is what makes our job a lot of fun, all of us putting our heads together and figuring out where we are going to get these deer and hogs into bow range.

The best thing about this trip is that Kai Buckert told us he needs us to help with some herd management while we are in camp. The rules are if a buck has 8 points or less he is on the list to feel the wrath of the Hoyt/G5 combination. Also on the list are mature does, hogs, squirrels, coyotes, and with the fall turkey season open they are on the list as well. With all that being said, basically anything that walks by should have a big red arrow on its side reading “Shoot here!”HUNTBlog1pic

With all the scouting done, all the stands hung and ground blinds in place, it’s time to let some arrows fly before the BoneCollector crew gets here. First up is Kevin and Chris, after they check their Hoyt’s at the range then it’s time to get in the trees. I go with Chris and Cody goes with Kevin, we feel like the Hardcore team will be on the board pretty soon!

Kevin hadn’t been in the tree long when a big ol’ mature doe got a little to close and Kevin let the Hoyt eat. Meanwhile, Chris and I settled in for a what looks like will be a long afternoon after we start getting text messages from Cody saying Kevin is on the board. About an hour later Kevin spots some bucks coming their way with a big wide 8 point coming in likes he’s on a string. Kevin fires another arrow. Chris gets another text message, “Big 8 down”, and we still haven’t seen a deer at our location. As the sun is getting lower and the camera light is fading fast Chris taps me on the leg saying big doe coming, she walks straight under us and Chris is on the board!

Check out HUNT Presented HARDCORE Sunday, July 5th @ 5pm central time to see how the rest of the trip turns out!


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