As I review the 2015 RAZOR DOBBS ALIVE episodes I get a bit energized – somewhere between 75,000 and 100,000 volts.    The episodes are on fire and are some of my favorites in the six years that RAZOR DOBBS ALIVE has been on the air. 


This year RAZOR DOBBS ALIVE will air on Sportsman Channel  and we are loaded for bear.  Sportsman Chanel is the premier place for the best hunting action and we are honored that we will stand shoulder to shoulder with so many great SC shows.  Killer!  Razor Dobbs solo


Our 2015 RAZOR DOBBS ALIVE episode are all over the road.  Actually, they are not even on the road.  It’s more like we jammed the Bronco into 4WD, jumped the curb on Main Street, and shredded a new trail.


As I roll through the RAZOR DOBBS ALIVE episodes I see hunts in some amazing locations.  Some locations resemble a post card and some resemble hell.  For instance, when you see the huge granite mountain and giant boulders from the episode “Rock-n-Roll Whitetail” you just might be inspired to propose to your girlfriend.  Then, when you see us trudging, waist deep, in the crocodile, hippo, mamba, boomslang and God knows what infested Caprivi Strip swamp, you might ponder the importance of a living-will.  Razor Dobbs 10mm whitetail


This year, for the first time on TV, I’m featuring the footage of my near death experience with a charging bull elephant.  Words can’t express what it was like holding a bow in your hand while a charging elephant, just feet away and closing, is hell bent to crush you.  Miracles do happen.  I still put on a diaper when I watch it.  


It took a few weeks to pull off, but I arrowed the biggest whitetail of my life.  I’ve never been much on scores and record books but this was a personal quest and a personal best.  Sweet!


There is more to life than whitetail so going back to the Dark Continent with my bow was a must.  After lot’s of days of busted stalk attempts, I finally connected on a GIANT Cape buffalo. Jeeez! What an experience!  Everything was put to the test: mind, body, spirit, equipment.  Lady Luck gave me a huge kiss right on the lips. Thank you Lady! Razor - Buffalo - xx1


My love of the 10mm auto handgun bleeds through this season like a severed artery.  This year my 10mm auto takes on enough whitetails to feed a small nation.  More than just whitetail, the 10mm goes wild on huge nilgai antelope, giant boars, axis, fallow stag and desert mule deer.  That’s right.  Desert mule deer with a 10mm.  It’s never been done before (until now) but that’s not the point.  The point is hunting mule deer with my 10mm was a mind blowing experience –  a 10mm fanatic’s dream.  I don’t care who does what first as long as I get a crack at it. 


The stars line up this year. Beautiful.