Weishuhn on Hunting Uganda Nile Buffalo

Trailing the Hunter’s Moon follows veteran outdoor writer, wildlife biologist and television personality Larry Weishuhn in exciting destinations both close to home and around the globe!

Today’s blog features Larry Weishuhn sharing his experience in the first of the three episode series on hunting Uganda beginning Saturday July 25th, 9:30AM ET.  

Sir Winston Churchill is credited with calling Uganda, “The Gem of Africa”, long before he played his role of helping keep the people of Great Britain together in an effort to help the Allied Forces defeat Hitler’s troops. Uganda too, is where WMD “Karamojo” Bell hunted elephants, and where Hemingway played and wrote, and where such Hollywood greats as Kathryn Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart worked, played and hunted.

Most people these days, if they remember much of Uganda, will recall the movie based on true facts, “The Raid on Entebbe”, or the horrors of Uganda’s leader at the time Robert Mugawbe and the atrocities he committed on his own people. It was said back then, “The Nile was so filled with human bodies, not even the crocodiles could not keep up with the disposal!”

Uganda Nile Buffalo

Nile buffalo in Uganda.


A famous and popular safari destination during the 1950’s and 1960’s, for a while all hunting had been stopped in Uganda, but thankfully recently it has been reopened. In many ways today Uganda is once again the land filled with wildlife that Hemingway described in his “Green Hills of Africa”.

I dearly love hunting different lands and I dearly love hunting African buffalo. In part that’s what lured me to Uganda, along with my hunting partner, Tim Fallon, the opportunity to hunt Nile buffalo with Uganda Wildlife Safaris.

Larry Weishuhn Nile Buffalo

Larry Weishuhn with his 40 inch wide Nile buffalo.


Nile buffalo differ only slightly from their southern and eastern cousin the Cape buffalo in size and slightly different horn configuration. Nile buffalo are only slightly smaller on the average, possibly 150 pounds. And their horns regularly do not droop down quite a far as those of the Cape. But, they are just as tenacious and aggressive! In Uganda they are plentiful, especially old “Dugga Boys” which have been cast out of the herd by younger, stronger bulls.

Tough, tenacious and aggressive. With my Ruger .375, loaded with 300 grain Hornady DGX in hand I’m ready to face any buffalo challenges…

Uganda Sunset

Uganda Sunset

Watch “DSC’s Trailing the Hunter’s Moon” first of the three episode series on hunting Uganda beginning Saturday July 25th, 9:30AM ET.


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