The Golden Oryx

The Boddington Experience follows veteran outdoor writer, television personality, and international hunter Craig Boddington & family in exciting destinations both close to home and around the globe! Today’s blog features Executive Vice President of Global Sportsman’s Network Jill St. John on an African Safari in Namibia. Be sure to tune in for The Boddington Experience Tuesdays at 7:00PM ET to watch this rewarding DIY hunt. 

Where to start? There is so much to say about this hunt. Not only was I hunting with Craig, but I also shot my first animal at night. The safari was all about me taking a golden oryx, which I did on the first day of the hunt, but we still had nine days left on the safari. I would have been happy to watch and learn from Craig, but since the hunt was for a Boddington Experience episode I was able to take several more animals.

Golden Oryx The Boddington Experience

I took two springbucks; one was immediately before Craig took two within about 30 seconds. His first shot was so perfect that the herd stood fast. Our outfitter (Barry Burchell) told him to take another, which Craig did. Between us we took three very nice Springbok inside about two minutes.


Since I had taken a golden oryx, Barry thought I should also take a common oryx. We found a herd up in the hills, and then tracked them up and over a couple of hills before we were in the right position. We were slightly uphill from the herd and they were moving away from us. This was my first attempt at shooting from a prone position laying in the rocks on the side of a hill. The shot was just over 150 yards and the oryx was moving away from me. It dropped right in its tracks.


The highlight for me was taking a jackal at night! We were watching and looking for predators on our way back to camp when we spotted eyes looking at us. Craig told me to take the shot, so I took aim and hoped for the best. Craig had binoculars and says he didn’t see movement. We took the vehicle to where we thought the jackal should be. There was nothing there, so the tracker kept looking and found the jackal about another 50 yards farther, exactly where I hit him. Things look different in the dark! I was thrilled, hitting him perfectly, so I decided to have a full mount for my trophy.