Powerless over Pork – Razor Dobbs Alive

Razor Dobbs shares his Pork hunting obsession especially with a 9mm handgun. You cam watch Razor Dobbs Alive hunting pork August 22 at 4:30PM ET during the Aporkalypse marathon airing August 22 4-8PM ET. 

I love PORK.  As a matter of fact, I’m powerless over the PORK.  I’ve always been and I suspect I always will…and it’s a beautiful thing!   I love all sorts of PORK:  feral meat sized 50 pounder PORK; big fat sow PORK, young football-snack sized PORK poppers and of course the giant beastadon PORK tuskers.

Out of all the animals I’ve hunted, the PORK is one of my favorites.  In my book they are  some of the toughest game to hunt.  Of course, in some areas PORK are not so alert do to low hunting pressure and it makes it great for stalking situations, but in most places the PORK are hip to being hunted and are on high alert and primarily nocturnal –  maybe just coming out a tad before sun down.


PORK are smart and an old boar is smarter than me….most of the time…some of the time.  However, when the PORK makes a mistake and I’m on top of my game….bingo!  I score huge…on PORK.

I’ve hunted PORK all over on some amazing, huge wild ground and I’ve killed over 100… PORK.    However, the biggest, most nasty, battle-axe PORK I ever connected with was only about 150 yards from my house at the BladeLands.  No joke.  Sometimes I get lucky…right at home…on PORK!

I love hunting PORK with my bow and about 75% of my PORK kills are with a bow.  However, I love hunting PORK with my open sight Dan Wesson 10mm auto handgun.  Jeeeez, I love that!  I’m also keen about hunting PORK with the rifle.  An AR-15 is a great rifle for PORK…heck for any animal.  I’m anxious to hunt PORK with my new CZ Scorpion 9mm loaded with full-power DoubleTap ammo.  It will happen very soon!

I could go on and on about PORK but I better stop before the phenomenon of craving kicks in and I drop everything and go hunt more…PORK.  Heck, I got work to do!  I’ll hunt PORK when I’m finished.  Hmmmmm.  Maybe I’ll just take a little stroll through the BladeLands, first.  See, I told ya.  I’m powerless over the pork.  -Razor