Backyard Whitetails – Larry Weishuhn

Trailing the Hunter’s Moon follows veteran outdoor writer, wildlife biologist and television personality Larry Weishuhn in exciting destinations both close to home and around the globe!

Today’s blog features Larry Weishuhn sharing his whitetail hunt in Texas. You can catch the whole hunt on Trailing the Hunter’s Moon Saturday, October 17 at 9:30AM ET. 

Between the famed Texas Brush Country and the Texas Hill Country is a narrow band of fabulous habitat that is home to great whitetail hunting, in this instance on Knowlton’s Vista Verde Ranch.

OldWestTownLarry Weishuhn

The Vista Verde not only holds some great whitetails and hunting, it also has a reconstructed “old west town.”


My hunt on Vista Verde took place during a time when it frequently rained, ideal for the habitat, but making it a bit difficult on the actual hunting. My hunt also occurred during a time shortly before the rut was to kick off, during a time my whitetail hunting friends up north call “the October lull”, that time before the rut starts when it seems for a few days whitetail bucks seem to simply disappear, as if they were resting up for what lay ahead in a few days.  Our “October lull” in the southern half of Texas usually occurs in early November.


Larry Weishuhn Rattling

I tried rattling my Rattling Forks, and attracted a few young bucks, but nothing with any age.  I only shoot mature bucks!  We tried still hunting, saw some young bucks.  While moving about we found an area where acorns were still falling and doing so in great abundance.  It was there we set up a ground blind where we could watch a couple “oak flats”.  Doing so was a wise choice…

Backyard Whitetails - Larry Weishuhn