Crocodile Hunting Terrain In Mozambique

GSN’s The Boddington Experience follows veteran outdoor writer, television personality, and international hunter Craig Boddington & family in exciting destinations both close to home and around the globe! Today’s blog comes from Mark Haldane, the owner of Zambeze Delta Safaris where this week’s Crocodile hunting episode of “GSN’s The Boddington Experience” was taped. Be sure to tune in for  GSN’s The Boddington Experience, Tuesdays at 7:00PM ET.


The Crocodiles in our region offer two distinct types of hunting based on where they live.


Firstly, the one we are all most familiar with is the river hunting. Crocs on the lower Zambeze River are best hunted during the cooler months of June, July and August where they come out to warm themselves in the winter sun. Once the water warms they are seen less frequently and your choice becomes limited. Spot and stalk is our preferred method. It’s challenging shooting at a golf ball size target often at ranges exceeding 100 yards.

ATV Mozambique

Getting to the croc’s habitat has its own challenges and amphibs are the transport of choice.


The second area we hunt crocs in, is the Zambeze Delta. It’s a true swamp with a myriad of inter leading papyrus beds, hippo holes and hidden waterways. Crocs thrive here but don’t expect an easy hunt. Personally I like to bait them once the water has warmed up. Typically they are cautious to start with but once they have started feeding the dominant male protects what he can’t eat. I use a blind downwind at around 50 yards.


Mozambique crocodile hunting blind.


Hunting with Craig has its bonuses, he is a great shot and a consummate professional, not to mention he’s great company. Both types of croc hunting offer zero room for a badly placed shot. Wounded crocs are seldom if ever recovered. Be sure to tune in to watch out hunt!