Favorite Time to Hunt – Larry Weishuhn

Trailing the Hunter’s Moon follows veteran outdoor writer, wildlife biologist and television personality Larry Weishuhn in exciting destinations both close to home and around the globe!

Today’s blog features Larry Weishuhn explaining his favorite time to hunt. Watch more of Larry’s adventures on Trailing the Hunter’s Moon Saturdays at 9:30AM ET.  

To me, there’s nothing more beautiful in terms of terrain and habitat than oak tree covered hills, interrupted only by an occasional flame sumac and evergreen juniper tree in November, when fall color is at full peak, every shade of red, orange, browns are shown!

Mix in hunting for big antlered whitetails, old friends, food fit for someone far better than me and to quote the old cliche, “That’s as good as it gets!” To me that means hunting in southeastern Oklahoma on the Hickory Ridge Ranches.


Nothing about hunting Hickory Ridge is particularly easy, the big bucks that live there seem to have all earned their Ph D’s in evasiveness! After all they do have no lack of places to hide in thick underbrush and deep hollows. That’s where the fun comes in, in hunting them.

Rattling Forks, Nature Blinds stalking shields, and rain all figure in greatly on this hunt.

Behind the scenes: I dearly love hunting HIckory Ridge Ranch with my old friend Denver and Linda McCormick and their grandson Josh Jones.   As you’ll see having a great hunt doesn’t always result in taking a deer. But during each hunt you learn something about the animals hunted, their habitat and even oneself.

What the show will not show, is that I returned to the ranch three more times after my initial hunt to seal the deal, and each time, I left with the promise to return.