Larry Weishuhn’s Mouflon Sheep Quest

Trailing the Hunter’s Moon follows veteran outdoor writer, wildlife biologist and television personality Larry Weishuhn in exciting destinations both close to home and around the globe!

Today’s blog features Larry Weishuhn sharing his quest to take a mouflon on the slopes of Austria’s Loweralps. You can watch Trailing the Hunter’s Moon for more adventures Saturdays at 9:30AM ET.  

“Vee haft menny vild boars. Macht pecht! Be much kereful! I run, ju run. Run schnel! Grose keilers, nicht gute!” warned my Jaeger, Karl as we drove into the mountains where we would be hunting European mouflon near Misenbach, Austria. I grew up speaking a Texas version of German so I knew whereof he spoke. Wild hogs, especially old boars could cause problems. I particularly understood that if my guide ran i needed to run as well, and hopefully faster than my guide!


Mouflon Sheep

Earlier in my hunt in the Loweralps of Austria for alpine ibex we had seen many mouflon sheep, including one I kicked myself later for not shooting. At the time we were in an area where had been seen a good ibex, so I did not shoot. We had also seen many wild boar, true European wild hogs, not feral hogs that I was familiar with back in Texas. Local wild boar had a reputation of being a big on the cantankerous side.

We encountered one such sounders, when we without realizing it had walked almost into the middle of about 20 hogs, bedded in and under piles of leaves. Thankfully we made good a very hasty retreat!

My hunt was quickly coming to and end, and it was raining and fog shrouded the higher altitudes. Karl suggested we head down the mountain.

larry weishuhn mouflon sheep

One last opportunity presented itself in the rain. A good mature mouflon ram. The shot looked good but he ran down the steep slope below us. Little did we realize what we would find when we set out to recover my ram…..