Big Bad Bears in Canada

By: Larry Weishuhn

Saskatchewan, Canada has a history of producing extremely large antlered and bodied whitetail deer, but also some monstrous black bears!

Larry Weishuhn

It had been a few years since I last hunted Saskatchewan for black bear, so when Ryan Marshland and Brad Frye called and said they had an opening I jumped at the chance. When I booked my hunt I learned Randy Bartlett, who had grown up not that far from where I had would also be on the hunt. In visiting with Randy before leaving Texas beyond black bear hunting we also hoped to be able to spend one afternoon fishing for northern pike.

Saskatchewan, Canada

In years past I have hunted and taken black bear, throughout much of their North American range. I hoped I might be able to take a big bear, rather than simply a representative bear and I hoped to do so with a Ruger Number 1 Single Shot rifle chambered in the old African round, .450-400 NE 3”. I had used the rifle earlier while hunting hippo in Namibia’s Caprivi Strip.

The area I was assigned to hunt by Brad and Ryan was in an area where Brad had taken several Boone & Crockett record book quality bears. Trail camera photos showed the area being used by three monster bears, two black and one huge 3-legged bear I hoped at least one of them would show up while I waited.

Saskatchewan Bear Hunt

Hunting proved to be tough and lean, but one does not give up. With the hunt coming to a close, finally…..