Man Grabs White-tailed Buck and Other Crazy Animal Encounters

4 totally wild animal encounters you won’t believe until you watch them

By: Peter B. Mathiesen,

how to catch a deer with your hands

There’s a video on titled “How to Catch A Deer With Your Hands.” We recommend to watch the video; we do not recommend giving it a try. (Photo screen grab from


It’s no secret that humans are not immune from Darwinian moments. Whether it’s our senses of power, invulnerability or sometimes (I’m being really generous here) they just don’t know, or have simply not been taught. Of course there are mishaps and mistakes, but somehow some people take the lack of common sense to an extreme. Places like have become a parking lot of humans who, on some days, should have just stayed in bed. Check out some of these truly memorable moments captured on video.

Wal-Mart Parking Lot Deer Hunter

When hunters show poor judgment with a firearm in a Wal-Mart parking lot, it can be rather disturbing. That was the case when this Indiana County, Pa., resident showed a staggering lack of judgment on opening day of Pennsylvania deer season during 2012.

A store employee saw Arcangelo Bianco, in his truck, chasing down a white-tailed deer behind the building and discharging a revolver five times, including across a state highway. The deer was down when Bianco pulled his pickup into a woman’s yard. He then loaded the buck in the truck bed and hauled it away to a meat-processing vendor.

Although the deer was killed during hunting season, Mr. Bianco was charged with have not having a license, shooting across a road, shooting from a vehicle and shooting in a Safety Zone. Eventually he paid $1,080 in fines, received six months probation and performed 20 hours of community service.

The Animal Whisperers

Yes it’s a thing, people who believe they can sense what a wild animal is feeling and assume it’s safe to touch them. Surprisingly, our two examples are not residents of major urban centers; they’re from Alaska and Alberta.

Alaska: The Moose Whisperer

There is no more dangerous animal in the northern hemisphere than a moose. Go to Alaska and ask any wilderness guide whether they would rather deal with a bear or moose, and they’ll take a bear every time. Moose are often cranky, paranoid, protective and down right mean. An Alaskan Moose stands 10 feet high at its head, weighs a half-ton or more and with one kick can crush your skull or leave you in a wheel chair.

One of the comments included: “I think petting the moose was absolutely awesome. How could you not? You obviously were being cautious and the moose seemed receptive to your human contact. Some people just don’t understand the deeper connection that lies within all living creatures. Anyone who calls you crazy for taking such an opportunity needs to worry about their own sanity and stop judging yours.”

Alberta: Grab That Deer!

Here are two guys in Alberta watching a 130-inch or so buck walk along a fencerow with only one side of antlers. Clearly these guys have no idea that deer gore humans every year, resulting in serious injuries and even death. So, showing no knowledge of avoiding rutting wild deer, they decide to grab his antlers. The buck is surprisingly cooperative, leading to fair amount of effort to communicate, such as saying, “Hello! Hey, buddy.”

Most likely the deer had recently finished a battle, losing one side of its antlers, and was exhausted. The video is titled “How to Catch A Deer With Your Hands,” but we don’t recommend following their instructions.

Down Under Insanity

While the previous two events are wonderful examples of people’s curiosity getting the better of them – and, possibly, huge lapses in judgment – this guy, who looks a bit like Keanu Reeves, is called Andrew Ucles of Australia, and he grabs critters for a living.

In this, the excitable Aussie decides to drag a red fox out of a hollowed-out tree. After some dramatic leg-twitching, our man emerges with the canine’s teeth locked on to his arm, yet takes the time to discuss the problems invasive foxes cause since being introduced to the Australian continent many years ago.

It’s frightening to think how bad this fox must smell, not to mention the risk of infection this guy takes. Oh yes, he catches red deer, wallabies, and kangaroos, as well.

Sure, the first act was both stupid and reprehensible, while two of the whisperers exercised extreme lack of judgment. However, our Aussie friend was special: He even gave hunting tips!

I know we’re part of the problem showing you these events, but they are as addictive as watching a train wreck.