Strategic Position is Critical for Early-Season Turkey Hunting Success

Spring Chronicles

By: Jason Cruise,

Spring Chronicles: Strategic Position is Critical for Early-Season Turkey Hunting Success

On this edition of “Spring Chronicles,” host Jason Cruise talks about, and proves, why setup position is key to a successful spring turkey season. (Jason Cruise photo)


Many hunters like to run-and-gun, which is fine on larger tracts of land. On smaller properties, however, running-and-gunning, moving around too much can sometimes bump a turkey flock off the property. This not only ruins the day’s hunt but also can make hunting tough for several days, if not longer.

On this episode of Spring Chronicles, host Jason Cruise is hunting with his good friend, Kirk Whitmore. As you will learn in the video, during the early spring turkey season Cruise advises to get to an area known for morning turkey activity, setup, get concealed, be patient and wait.

During this hunt, Cruise tosses out a few conservative hen calls shortly after setting up in a strategic location with a decoy. A gobbler quickly answers the call but not from a direction Cruise expected.

Because of the chosen location and being well concealed with brush and shade, Cruise and Whitmore went silent with the calls and waited for the tom to approach and see the decoy. After a short wait, Whitmore leveled the Eastern tom at six steps.

Remember the original strategy for this hunt? Setting up in a location known for morning turkey activity? Watch the video to find out what happens four minutes after Whitmore harvested his turkey.