Apex Predator Marathon

July 9th 5PM ET to 8PM ET

By: TheSportsmanChannel.com Staff

Apex Predator Marathon

This weekend, join Sportsman Channel for the Apex Predator Marathon on Saturday, July 9th. There will be three straight hours of learning to hunt like an apex predator with Remi Warren.

Tune-in for tips to teach you how to hunt and fish like a wild animal! Remi studies each predator and uses techniques from them to aid his hunts, and he will be taking notes on everything from alligators to river otters.

Catch it all on the Apex Predator Marathon this Saturday.

All Times Eastern*

Save Your Breath: River Otter – 5PM
Remi Warren attempts to adapt to the river otter’s aquatic lifestyle as he learns to hold his breath and swim underwater in search of fishy prey.

High & Mighty: The Great Blue Heron – 5:30PM
Remi Warren prowls the edges of Michigan’s waterways in hopes of hunting like the great blue heron.

The Power of Patience: Alligator – 6PM
Remi Warren discovers the power of patience as he learns how to lie in wait like an alligator for his prey in the swamps of Central Florida.

The Eyes Have It: Golden Eagle – 6:30PM
Using the power of modern optics, Remi Warren attempts to spot and hunt Coues deer in Mexico like one of the world’s greatest winged predators: the golden eagle.

Go Pack Go: Wolf Pack – 7PM
Remi Warren enlists his brother Jason and Apex crew members Dan Doty and Dom Savio to hunt elk in Montana as a wolf pack.

Disguise Surprise: Coyote – 7:30PM
Inspired by a famous George Catlin painting, Remi Warren stalks buffalo in Sonora, Mexico disguised as a coyote.