429-plus Inches: Possible P&Y World’s Record Bull Elk Tagged

A bowhunter reportedly tagged a monster bull elk on Sept. 10 while solo bowhunting in Montana; the early green score from this potential Pope & Young archery world’s record typical bull is a staggering 444 7/8 inches gross and 429 6/8 inches net

By: Lynn Burkhead, OutdoorChannel.com


A typical-rack elk taken on Sept. 10, 2016, by an unidentified bowhunter in Montana has the potential to unseat the current Pope & Young Club world’s record bull elk. The elk from Montana has a reported gross green score of 444 7/8 inches and a net green score of 429 6/8 inches. (Photo courtesy of Boone and Crocket Club)


You’ll understand when an e-mail arrived in my Inbox over the past few days, I nearly rolled my eyes when I saw the subject line touting the possibility of a new world’s record typical bull elk with a bow. Until I noticed this wasn’t some random e-mail, but an official news release from the Boone & Crockett Club.

Needless to say, the e-mail suddenly had my attention.

And now the breaking big game news contained in the e-mail has the attention of hunters everywhere since B&C says a typical bull elk taken by a Montana resident bowhunter on Sept. 10 could in fact be a potential new world’s record bow kill for an American elk.

Specifically, if the news is confirmed after the 60-day drying period, then the early-archery season bull reportedly taken on Saturday, Sept. 10 could become the new Pope & Young Club’s archery world’s record typical elk.

While details are still somewhat sketchy and slim, the B&C news release reports some eye popping numbers. It indicates the massive bow-harvested bull elk has a reported green gross score of 444 7/8 inches and a green net score of 429 6/8.

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