First Look at New Hunting Bows for 2017

With a new year, it's time to take a look at the new wave of compound bow offerings being brought to market by the nation's top archery and bowhunting companies

By: Lynn Burkhead,


Five new 2017 bows from some of the most recognizable compound hunting bow manufacturers are poised to do great things for bowhunters looking to upgrade before next season. From left to right: Bear Moment, BowTech Reign, Hoyt Pro Defiant, Mathews Halon 32 and PSE Evolve. (Bow photos courtesy of the five manufacturers)


News of 2017’s new compound hunting bows has been steadily flowing out from the marketing offices of the nation’s top bow manufacturers.

The top new bows to catch our attention so far include the following models:

Bear Archery Compound

Bear Moment (Photo courtesy of Bear Archery)

Bear Moment

Under the banner of the legendary Fred Bear, the folks at Bear Archery have come up with another solid winner with the company’s new Bear Moment compound bow. With quick-grip acquisition technology, this modern stick-and-string should shine in both ground blind and treestand applications for whitetail and big game enthusiasts.

Available in different colors and camo finishes, this bow checks in with a weight of four pounds, 31-inch axle-to-axle length, a six-inch brace height, draw length options ranging from 25 to 30 inches, two draw weight ranges (45 to 60 pounds and 55 to 70 pounds), 80-percent let-off and arrow speeds up to 340 feet per second.

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Bowtech Regin Compound

BowTech Reign (Photo courtesy of BowTech Archery)

Bowtech Reign

Bowtech’s new flagship bows for 2017, the Reign 6 and 7, are said to be ultra-smooth, quiet, powerful and balanced. With such features as the PowerShift Technology Flip Disc, a Micro Sync Dial, CPX technology and the company’s OverDrive Binary cams, the resulting bows offer top-end limb efficiency, reduction of noise and stability through the draw and shooting cycle.

Available in different colors and camo patterns, not to mention draw-length and draw weight-ranges, the micro-tune capabilities of the Reign 6 and 7 will offer a balanced platform, smooth drawing ability, a dead-solid hold and top-end accuracy downrange.

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Hoyt Pro Defiant 31

Hoyt Pro Defiant (Photo courtesy of Hoyt Archery)

Hoyt Pro Defiant

With some 86 years of building bows, the engineers at Hoyt Archery think they’ve built the company’s most cutting-edge compound, so far, that is.

The company’s 2017 Pro Defiant models bring together the best parts of target bows and hunting bows, including the DFX Cam system, the UltraFlex limbs, Dual Cable Stops, Offset Riser Technology, zero-tolerance limb pockets and the company’s Zero Torque Cable Guard system. Add in a synergistic marriage of the DFX cams and the multilayer laminated limbs and the company indicates there’s an increasing of the “… axle-to-axle measurement at full draw, and improving form, comfort and accuracy.”

At the end of the day, Hoyt has put together another winner of a bow, one that steadily delivers arrows into the boiler room of a buck or bull out in the field and into the 10-ring on the target range.

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Mathews Halon 32

Mathews Halon 32 (Photo courtesy of Mathews)

Mathews Halon 32

If Mathews’ new bow for 2017 looks familiar, it’s because it’s the bigger brother of the Wisconsin company’s previous Halon bow, a very popular model among bowhunters and an award winner to boot.

Checking in at 32 inches axle-to-axle, the bow comes in various draw weights (40, 50, 60 and 70 pounds), three different brace height and draw length configurations, and a number of camo and color options. With the CROSSCENTRIC Cam, Harmonic Damper, a true-center nocking point and enhanced string angle, this bow maintains shot-to-shot consistency and the ability to be quiet, steady and accurate despite delivering high-end arrow speeds up to 350 feet per second

As is usually the case with a new Mathews’ compound, expect hunters to rapidly snap up the Halon 32 bow at their local pro shops.

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PSE Evolve

PSE Evolve (Photo courtesy of PSE)

PSE Evolve

The evolution of technology and top-end bows continues for PSE Archery thanks to the company’s new Evolve Cam System (ECS). Shooters can find up to 90-percent let-off on these new bows (different modules offer from 65-percent to 90-percent let-off configurations) without any loss of power or arrow speed (up to 346 feet per second at 90-percent let-off).

Available in four models in the PSE 2017 Pro Series (the Carbon Air 34 ECS; Carbon Air 32 ECS; Evolve; and Evolve 35), the these bows bring such technology as PSE’s Wide-Track Limb System and the company’s WedgeLock Speed Pocket into play. The result is another top-flight performer from PSE Archery that gives shooters the best of bow performance, shooting consistency and personal comfort on the range or in the field.

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