First Look at New Bowhunting Gear for 2017

From ground blinds to backpacks to broadheads to boots, there are scores of new bowhunting products for hunters to get excited about in 2017

By: Lynn Burkhead,

First Look at New Bowhunting Gear for 2017

By judging from a small sample of new bowhunting gear being offered, hunters will have plenty of upgrade options for the 2017 hunting season.


A new year always brings in a smorgasbord of new bowhunting related gear offerings from outdoor product manufacturers all across North America.

With that in mind, here are a few of the new bowhunting products that have caught our eye.


Ameristep Supernatural Blind (Photo courtesy of Ameristep)

Ameristep Supernatural Blind

Promising to disappear like no other blind on the market, the new Ameristep Supernatural Blind brings a no-glare, no-sheen proprietary NATURSHELL exterior fabric to the market in Realtree Xtra camo. Added to Ameristep’s well-known stamped steel Spider Hub, a new patent-pending organic window opening shape blends into the environment better with no hard straight edges that can get the attention of a big buck cruising by. With Ameristep’s Shadow Guard dark interior and sewn-in brush pockets, the blind also is equipped with a new daisy-chain window curtain system that is easy and silent to operate with one hand. Add in a replaceable shoot-through mesh windows, a backpack carrying case, stakes and a tie-down rope and this 20-pound blind is easy to transport, set up and utilize in the field. For information, visit


Browning Buck Shadow Boot (Photo courtesy of Browning)

Browning Buck Shadow Boot

Browning Footwear is bringing the Buck Shadow Hunting Boot to market this year, a top-of-the-line model in four camo patterns (Mossy Oak Country, Realtree Xtra, ATACS AU and ATACS FG) that will offer solid performance for bowhunters ranging from treestand-sitting whitetail hunters to elk and mule deer bowhunters out West. Offering an OutDry waterproof and breathable membrane, the Buck Shadow has three levels of insulation (no insulation, 400-gram Thinsulate and 800-gram Thinsulate). Wrapped with TecTuff performance leather around the boot’s toe and heel along with a Silent Cell single injected midsole, and the result is a rugged, stable and comfortable hunting platform on all-types of terrain. For information, visit


Easton 6mm FMJ Autumn Orange Arrow (Photo courtesy of Easton)

Easton 6mm FMJ Autumn Orange Arrow

For a limited time, arrow making giant Easton Archery will offer its popular 6mm Full Metal Jacket arrow in a limited edition Autumn Orange finish. Featuring the FMJ’s 7075-aluminum-metal jacket sandwiched over a thick-walled carbon-fiber core, this reduced diameter arrow offers top-end kinetic energy, deep arrow penetration and durability in the field or on the 3-D course. For information, visit


Flextone Whitetail Freaks Grunt-R Deer Call (Photo courtesy of Flextone)

Flextone Whitetail Freaks Grunt-R Deer Call

With numerous Boone & Crockett Club caliber bucks to their credit, Outdoor Channel’s Whitetail Freaks Don and Kandi Kisky have listened the vocalizations of countless bruiser bucks cruising the woods near their Iowa home. Convinced the single most important factor in deer vocalizations is inflection, the Kiskys have teamed up with Flextone to produce the Flextone Whitetail Freak Grunt-R deer call that uses Inflection Chamber Technology to help hunters get the attention of a big daddy bucks. With the ability to compress, expand or even bend hunter-produced sounds, the result is realistic grunts, roars and snort wheezes. Add in Tru-Touch Buttons and the call also gives bowhunters the ability to lure in a giant buck with perfect and consistent doe and fawn bleats. For information, visit

HSS ElimiShield Safety Harnesses (Photo courtesy of Hunter Safety Systems)

HSS ElimiShield Safety Harnesses (Photo courtesy of Hunter Safety Systems)

HSS ElimiShield Safety Harnesses

Already one of the industry leaders in safety harness technology, Hunter Safety Systems is unveiling the addition of ElimiShield Scent Control Technology to the Hybrid, Elite, Crossbow and Contour harnesses. This takes an active-odor-control treatment of the harness that will penetrate the cell walls of odor-causing bacteria, effectively killing such bacteria on the treated products.  Proven to be 99-percent effective after even 50 commercial washes, the new HSS ElimiShield safety harnesses should easily help bowhunters remain undetected in the whitetail woods next fall. For information, visit


Millennium Treestands Safe Link (Photo courtesy of Millennium Treestands)

Millennium Treestands Safe Link

Offered with each fixed hang-on stand and ladder stand, Millennium Treestands continues its advance as an industry leader by offering the Safe Link treestand safety line with each stand purchase. With a 35-foot rope, a prusik knot (two for 2-man stands) and a carabiner (two for 2-man stands), the Safe Link helps hunters ascend and descend safely into their hunting stands. For information, visit

NAP Spitfire DoubleCross Broadhead


NAP Spitfire DoubleCross Broadhead (Photo courtesy of New Archery Products)

This New Archery Products 100-grain broadhead features four no-fail blades that are closed in flight, opening in two-stage blade deployment upon impact. With a streamlined design, the first stage opens the main blades with a monstrous 1 7/8-inch cutting diameter followed by the deployment of the rear 1 1/18-inch cutting diameter bleeder blades at the back of the broadhead. Cutting both horizontally and vertically regardless of the angle of impact, better entrance/exit wounds, bone-splitting penetration and easier to follow blood trails will be the result. For information, visit


Redneck Soft Side Deluxe 6×6 360 Hunting Blind (Photo courtesy of Redneck Blinds)

Redneck Soft Side Deluxe 6×6 360 Hunting Blind

Like its well-known 360 Series Fiberglass Blinds, the Redneck 6×6 Soft Side Deluxe 360 Series blind offers bowhunters and crossbow hunters the ability to hide effectively in a spacious hide that is out of the weather, cost-effective and rugged. With a spacious 6-foot by 6-foot interior; a heavy-duty 600-denier flame retardant camouflage cover; and a double-zipper design; these are sturdy blinds that sit atop a black powder-coated steel frame. With four 10-inch wide vertical windows that are 46-inches high; three horizontal windows that are 30-inches wide and 14-inches high; and a 77-inch high ceiling; there’s plenty of room to maneuver inside one of these Redneck blinds to get in position for a lethal bow or crossbow shot. For information, visit


Scent Crusher Ozone Tote (Photo courtesy of Scent Crusher)

Scent Crusher Ozone Tote

Offering 40 gallons of storage, the Scent Crusher Ozone Tote offers storage space, built-in wheels, durable handles and a tight-fitting waterproof lid. Add in the company’s maintenance-free ozone generator – designed to emit enough scent-eliminating ozone to treat clothing and gear stored inside the tote – and a hunter has a TSA-compliant storage and transport system that will work at home, in the truck and out in the field. For information, visit


Tenzing TX 15 Daypack (Photo courtesy of Tenzing)

Tenzing TX 15 Daypack

Among six new packs being offered by Tenzing, the TX 15 Daypack offers hunters a total of 2,000 cubic inches of cargo space in a high performance pack that won’t break the budget. With a quiet, bur-resistant outer shell, the ultra-soft fabric is reinforced by Hypalon at key stress points and offers HDPE buckles along with top-end zippers, pulls and stitching. With the ability to accept a 2- or 3-liter hydration bladder along with air-cooled channeled back pads, padded shoulder straps, padded waist-belts and compression straps, this pack will allow a bowhunter to go deeper into the wild. Add in the company’s Limited Lifetime Guarantee and this is one of the market’s best values in a whitetail treestand or western big game hunting pack. For information, visit

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