4 Effective Scent-Control Products for Hunting

Want to be a more successful and consistent deer hunter? Then give these four scent-control products a close look; they can help give you an edge over bucks’ keen sense of smell

By: Hannah Walton

Dead Down Wind ScentPrevent Field Wipes and Just for Does White Oak Acorn Spray (Hanah Walton photo)

Dead Down Wind ScentPrevent Field Wipes and Just for Does White Oak Acorn Spray (Hannah Walton photo)

Scent-Control Field Wipes

For me, these are a must-have, especially during early season.  There are very few areas where I can get to a stand without breaking a sweat.  Even areas where I can take an ATV most of the way, it still requires a good amount of hiking from the parking spot to the stand locations.  We’ve all been there; you’re covered from head to toe in long pants and long sleeves, it’s 80-plus degrees, it’s humid and you’re sweating.

It’s days like these I stuff a few scent-control field wipes – Hunter’s Specialties, Dead Down Wind and several other brands offer them – in our pocket before heading out.  That way when I get in the stand and nock an arrow, I can quickly wipe away any sweat that accumulated on my hands, face, hair, etc. during the hike.  I also use them to wipe down my bow, just to be safe.

Scent-Free Laundry Detergent

A lot of us tend to think of using scent-free detergent for our camo clothing.  But what about all of the clothing layers under your camo? What about socks, undershirts and underwear? All of these clothing items can emit scent from regular detergents and overpower the work being done by your scent-free camo clothes.

For this exact reason, I wash ALL my clothes with scent-free detergent. That’s right, ALL hunting and non-hunting clothing items.  I work full time and want to spend every moment possible in the woods hunting, so it’s more efficient for me to wash all my clothing in scent-free detergent during hunting season.

Editor’s Notes: Doing this also helps eliminate any residual detergent fragrances still inside the washing machine. After washing clothing items with scent-free detergent, dry hunting clothing outside, if possible. Using a dryer to dry hunting clothes will often contaminate them with fragrances left behind from dryer sheets. If drying outside is not possible, wipe down the inside of the dryer with a field wipe and clean the lint screen before using. Toss in one or two field wipes to use as dryer sheets.

Hannah's buck, hunted using her scent control techniques. (Hannah Walton photo)

Hannah’s buck, hunted using her scent control techniques (Hannah Walton photo)

Acorn Scent Cover-up

This one is my all-time favorite.  I first heard of “Just for Does” when I was searching for a fragrance-free lotion that would really hydrate my skin for those extremely cold hunting days.  One day while surfing the Internet, I stumbled upon what would become a hunting product I couldn’t live without – the Extreme White Oak Acorn Scent spray.  It’s non-toxic, all natural and very effective at masking human scent.

I like to spray this on my camo clothing and boots before walking to my hunting stand. As a bonus, I even use it as my perfume during the fall. During hunting season, I avoid using scented lotions and perfumes, and since this spray smells so good and sweet, it works perfectly.

Scent-Blocking Field Bag

So what good is all of your hunting prep if you don’t take care of your clothing between hunts? Do you go through all of the trouble of washing, spraying and wiping just to throw everything in a closet or drawer with the rest of your belongings? Investing in a scent-blocking bag might not be something at the top of your list, but it should be. Keeping all articles of hunting clothing in a bag designed to block out odors and scents is a critical step for successful hunting. I keep all my hunting clothes in one of these bags and take it with me in my truck. When I arrive at my parking location, I change into my hunting clothes before walking to the stand. When I return from the stand, I change back into my normal clothes and put my hunting clothes back into my scent-blocking bag.

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