Flextone Introduces Thunder Shaker Gobble

Looking to bag a big boss gobbler this spring? Then use Flextone's new Thunder Shaker Gobble call to turn the tables on the lovesick longbeard

By: OSG Digital Staff

Flextone Introduces Thunder Shaker Gobble

New Flextone Thunder Shaker Gobble (Photo courtesy of Flextone)

For years and years, turkey hunters around the country have sought to realistically imitate the sounds of a wild hen turkey during the fevered days of the spring mating season.

While there can be little doubt about the effectiveness of such sweet yelps and purring melodies rolling out of a box call, a slate call, or a mouth diaphragm call, the truth is that there's another way to coax a lovesick tom turkey into shotgun range.

And that's with the sounds of another dominant, realistic gobbling noise that can instantly turn on a big old longbeard's FIGHT! reflex when he hears the intruding noise of an interloping wannabe with the audacity to trespass on his side of the springtime woods.

Thanks to the new Thunder Shaker Gobble call from Flextone, making such challenging noise is easily mastered. Durable for years of use and simple to master, all a hunter has to do is to give the call a shake for some woodsy music that is sure to set an old boss gobbler on edge.

When used following hen yelps and cutts from a regular turkey call, the gobbles that come from the new Flextone call serve as a great way to create additional realism in a hunter's springtime bag of tricks. Simply create your winsome hen sounds, then unleash the Thunder Shaker Gobble call at just the right time.

When the real boss gobbler hears what he thinks is a challenge to his dominance and an attempt to steal one or more of the hens that he has carefully courted, the result is quite often a longbeard virtually running into battle.

And when he sees a gobbler or jake decoy used in conjunction with the calling sounds, the result is often a lovesick longbeard throwing virtually all caution to the wind as he comes rolling in, spoiling for a fight.

As long as a springtime turkey hunter can shoot straight and true, the result of using the easy-to-use, durable, and realistic Flextone Thunder Shaker Gobble call is often a can't refuse dinner table invitation for Mr. Johnny Longbeard!

MSRP: $17.99

For more information on the Flextone Thunder Shaker Gobble Call, visit www.FlextoneGameCalls.com.