Tenzing TZ TR18 Turkey Recliner

With the new Tenzing TZ TR18 Turkey Recliner, the mobile hunter's search for a suitable tree to lean up against is all but over with this spring

By: OSG Digital Staff

Tenzing TZ TR18 Turkey Recliner

New Tenzing TZ TR18 Turkey Recliner (Photo courtesy of Tenzing)

In recent decades, a subtle strategy shift has occurred among the nation's spring turkey hunters, one that has seen the days of getting close to the roost and patiently calling for hours turn into a run-and-gun hunting game for trophy gobblers.

With today's hunters constantly on the move in this style of spring hunting – one that involves moving and calling until a longbeard sounds off, then quickly getting into position for a possible shot – the ability to be mobile is a key attribute for today's successful gobbler getter.

Enter the new Tenzing TZ TR18 Turkey Recliner, a souped-up combination of a turkey vest, hunter's pack, and comfortable chair that gives turkey hunters a lightweight, heavy-duty vest/pack/chair combo that is more than ready for the run-and-gun game.

The TZ TR18 – available in both Mossy Oak Obsession, the official pattern of the National Wild Turkey Federation, as well as Realtree's new Edge camo pattern – is Tenzing's lightest turkey hunting vest/pack/chair combination ever, checking in at only 5.25 pounds.

Combining a structured internal aluminum frame with two silent, spring-loaded legs and a dual-layer foam seat, hunters are able to sit against a tree or in more open terrain as the situation dictates. When it’s time to make a run-and-gun move, the TZ TR18 Turkey Recliner’s legs and seat stow quickly as pack, gear, and hunter move efficiently to the next set-up.

While trying to call a loud-mouthed longbeard into shotgun range, the well-laid out Turkey Recliner allows a hunter to dig into ample storage space including dedicated striker pockets, dual pot call compartments (that hold up to four calls), an angled box call pocket, a zippered front compartment with seven shotshell loops, and large left and right hand warmer/storage pockets. What's more, there are also five interior mesh zippered pockets including one tailor made for mobile phone storage … on silent mode, of course!

In addition to the creature comforts and storage space, hunters can lay the front pocket sections across their lap to minimize movement while accessing calls and other items. And when the longbeard's goose is cooked, so to speak, the tom can then be transported in an extra-large compartment as the Turkey Recliner's lightweight aluminum frame, channeled and air-cooled back pad, and contoured fit dual waistband straps make for a comfortable hike out of the woods.

As a part of Tenzing's line-up of high-tech, hunter-friendly packs designed for a multitude of hunting situations throughout North America, the new 3,200-cubic-inch TZ TR18 Turkey Recliner is the perfect vest/pack/chair option for a hunter who wants to sit still and call or for the running-and-gunning gobbler getter who is ready to head over the next hillside in pursuit of a longbeard!

MSRP: $219.99

Information: (800) 226-9868; www.TenzingOutdoors.com