The 5 Teams of Shed Wars

  • Stefanie Sverdsten

    You guys realize this is going to ruin shed hunting and hunting in general in this area. Every yahoo is gonna be out there early pushing the elk out of areas where they would typically be and make hunting impossible. May even go as far as having to buy permits now like in Montana. This is stupid. I will never watch this show.

  • Deb Semko

    I agree with Stefanie, The deer/elk will be so over pressured/stressed, pushed and move out of their bedding areas, let them rest from the rut and hunting. We already have enough trespassers in the middle of the private property we hunt and the borders are VERY well marked. This will only promote more trespassing/poaching, the use of illegal, deadly/unethical antler traps to try and make $$ thinking they struck gold!!! WTF, it completely takes the enjoyment away. I work extremely hard to get those big sheds and it’s an amazing feeling when you find one, not to sell it but the accomplishment. No TV camera can capture that I have absolutely NO desire to watch or support this program you make this seem as if all shed hunter are like this and that’s so fare from the truth, what a disgrace!!!

  • Bobby Anderson

    I sure hope these guys have their commercial filming permits to be operating on public lands. Also does that guy have a 2011 expired registration on his ATV? Hmmm.. I sure hate to promote commercial shed hunting on public lands and for sure will not support this activity if their doing it illegally!