Blaine "Crash" Garrett

A guitar picking old soul and visionary, a passion for people and challenges, and the burning need to be “outside and in it”, Blaine chases his dream everyday. Growing up in a family that cooked down home southern cooking, Blaine grew to love the art of making a meal Mom would be proud of. However, he prefers the old style method of griddles, dutch ovens, coals and fire. At camp he is usually found making the next calorie packed creation with his good buddy Shiner. With a background in construction and a career in business development, Blaine wakes up, gets the strongest cup of coffee he can find and attacks his day like a blood thirsty lion.

While spending years in the construction industry, Blaine found himself tirelessly working on a prototype product with his buddies. Spending weeks and months on the river, talking on a marine band, his handle “Crash” surfaced more and more. Everyone knows you never call a man by his name on the radio, so Crash (earned years prior on a gravel road running wide open) eventually became the norm, followed by Blaine of whom he is still referred to as by some friends and family. Divine intervention set in, and the show was born after running into his high school buddy after a decade of separation who just so happened to be a producer. 7 years, 9 proto-types, and a couple foreclosure notices later, the Hawg Lawg was born. Manufacturing started in 2014, the show was launched in 2015 , the store opened in 2016 and Crash came on full time to his own company. Crash loves to hunt and fish as much as he loves his favorite pair of boots and a gut busting laugh. A bullets and Bible kind of guy, he is always looking at life through the lens of those who walked here before us.

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