Bolts and Bucks Presented by TenPoint Crossbow Technologies

September 8th 5P ET to 8P ET

Bolts and Bucks Presented by TenPoint Crossbow Technologies

Join Sportsman Channel and TenPoint, this weekend, for a North American Whitetail marathon with some of the best crossbow hunting you’ll see on TV!

Catch all the action Bolts and Bucks Presented by TenPoint Crossbow Technologies and check the line-up below.

All Times Eastern*

North American Whitetail – 5PM

G.O. relieves some off-season cabin fever on wild Texas hogs, Mike Clerkin provides tips for more accurate crossbow shooting, and Pat Hogan and James Kroll wrap up this year's Build Your Own Deer Factory project.

North American Whitetail – 5:30PM

Pat Hogan preys on South Georgia hogs under the cover of darkness, Gordon Whittington gets technical with his TenPoint crossbow, and Dr. James Kross explores the challenge of managing industrial timberland in the South.

North American Whitetail – 6PM

Jeremy Moore and special guest Randy Birdsong conclude their two-part trapping series, Gordon Whittington talks shooting strategies for crossbow hunters, and Dr. James Kroll and Pat Hogan discuss how to maximize the mast on your hunting property.

North American Whitetail – 6:30PM

Dr. James Kroll and Gordon Whittington tag-team Wyoming whitetails on an early-season crossbow hunt, Dr. Deer discusses the growing threat of mountain lion predation, and we examine the role that supplemental water sources can play in your management strategy.

North American Whitetail – 7PM

The NAW team revisits some of its most memorable crossbow hunts, Danny Farris explains some of Easton's latest arrow technology, and Dr. James Kroll conducts a landscape analysis of this season's "deer factory."

North American Whitetail – 7:30PM

This week, Gordon Whittington heads north to his personal Missouri farm for some crossbow action, Dr. Deer discusses balancing expectations on a small hunting property, and Pat Hogan explores the latest in crossbow technology from TenPoint. All of this, and more, on North American Whitetail, presented by Quick Attach.