Bownanza Presented by Code Blue

September 10-12, 14 at 8P ET and September 15 at 5P ET

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It’s that time of year again. Bownanza is back!

Join Sportsman Channel for a week filled with the best bowhunting on television.

Tune-in for Bownanza and don’t miss a second of the heart-pounding action.

Check the line-up for each day below.

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September 10, 2018

Western Extreme – 8PM

Blacktail of Kodiak – Today on Western Extreme, we're on Kodiak island

The Western Hunter – 8:30PM

Two Shooters – Nate Simmons hits the backcountry of Nevada in search of mule deer. When it seems the area is a lost cause and Nate’s about to head back to the drawing board, a challenging opportunity arises.

Pure Hunting – 9PM

Saskatchewan Black Bear Hunt – Chris Nowak heads up to Northern Saskatchewan with a group of friends to hunt giant black bears from the ground. He experiences some ridiculously close encounters and bluff charges, but will he find the bear he's dreaming of?

Into High Country – 9:30PM

The Circle of Life Part 2 – Jason Matzinger hunts giant bighorn sheep in his state of Montana. After spending the majority of the season hunting with a bow Jason decides to pick up the rifle in the final days of his hunt. But is it too late?

West of Texas – 10PM

A Special Kind of Mulie – Northern Utah is known for big mule deer and a lot of them. This hunt isn't about the size of the buck rather the age and location. Old bucks are cool bucks and that exactly what we're looking for this week.

Long Range Pursuit – 10:30PM

The Real Deal Gunwerks – Rookie James Christiansen is anything but! He drew a coveted Utah Elk tag and has enlisted a few of his Gunwerks teammates to help him seal the deal. Self-guided and self-filmed, this episode is the Real Deal!

September 11, 2018

Trained Assassins – 8PM

Time for the Boomstick – Cragg Fitz & Rusty Wascom team up in Louisiana to chase some rack bucks and burn some gun powder.

Major League Bowhunter – 8:30PM

Spot & Stalk Fun – Brandon Danker hunts spot and stalk mule deer in western Nebraska. After years of trial and error getting with archery range in open country, B-Dank has his eyes on a 200" plus buck, nicknamed "Spilttoon".

Realtree's Monster Bucks – 9PM

Rattling, Grunting and Decoying Mature Whitetails – Hunting the rut can be the best time to take that monster buck. Join David Blanton as he talks strategy on rattling, grunting and using a decoy to take that monster buck.

Whitetail Properties – 9:30PM

Pecan Tree Delight – Dan Perez started the season with the grim reality of having a short hit list this year. Rolling with the punches and keeping close eyes on his trail cameras, he hit a lucky strike. A well-known buck shows back up, and the hunt for Royale is on.

Savage Outdoors – 10PM

October Grigsby Giants – The Rut is on in Illinois at the Grigsby Farm! Mike and the guys are trying to score on one of those Grigsby giants!

Backwoods Life – 10:30PM

Alabama Family Tradition Jeremy Johnson loves deer hunting in his home state of Alabama. His daughter Taylor has been tagging along for years and now is old enough to follow in mom and dad's footsteps and get some trigger time of her own as well.

September 12, 2018

North American Whitetail – 8PM

And It Begins … – This week, Stan Potts starts the archery season in style with a western Kentucky bowhunt, Dr. James Kroll kicks off an all-new series on managing small properties, and Pat Hogan talks rangefinder technology. All of this and more, on North American Whitetail, presented by Quick Attach.

Bowlife – 8:30PM

Ohio Opener – Levi heads to Ohio for the first week of deer season with hopes of topping last year’s success.

Dominant Bucks – 9PM

Snow Hunter – Learn DIY bowhunting strategies from real hunters hunting wild dominant bucks. Join Kansas bowhunter Matt Fryer and Massachusetts bowhunter Cory DeSousa as they find, set up and arrow mature dominant bucks. Kansas / Ohio

BuckVentures – 9:30PM

80's Part 2 – Jeff Danker continues his hunt in Ohio for the 180+" deer he has named "80's."

Bowhunter – 10PM

The Call of Cross Mountain – Team Bowhunter makes its annual pilgrimage to the elk-rich high country of Colorado's Cross Mountain Ranch. In the second installment of "Better Bowhunter," Danny Farris talks about the importance of mover sights.

Adrenaline – 10:30PM

The Scrape Fix – With the rut soon to be underway, hunting over mock scrapes can be deadly. Learn as Kyle Wieter shares his techniques on the best locations for using the Scrape Fix System and then getting the intel to be successful thru the use of trail cameras.

September 14, 2018

Relentless Pursuit – 8PM

Little Giants Part 1 Coues deer Bowhunting. – Coues with Tim Wells and family. Keeping it real with the Slockmaster

Respect the Game TV – 8:30PM

Shermoe Rocks – Shermoe Adventures is a place the RTG team tries to hit every year. Larry McCoy and Tony Glidewell show why it's Iowa's premier outfitters.

The Wild Outdoors – 9:00PM

Turkey Bacon – Jay and Wyatt Gregory hunt hogs in southern Florida and then Mason Sutherland shares a turkey hunt.

Hardcore Pursuit – 9:30PM

Bruins Above The Tree Line – Follow Mike back to the far north to hunt Bruins above the Tree Line in Northern Manitoba with Ganglers Lodge. It's always an amazing adventure to take float planes above the 40th Parallel and Bow Hunt those Big Bruins!

Easton Bowhunting – 10PM

Michele and Blue Bulls in Texas – Michele takes a free ranging Nilgai in Texas with her bow.

Outback Outdoors – 10:30PM

Bucks of the Sandhills – Part 2 – Trevon and Dave return to Western Nebraska to share some camaraderie, laughs, and to match their spot and stalk skills against the deer of the Sandhills – Part 2

September 15, 2018

Bowlife – 5PM

I Love Illinois – Levi and his Dad, Mark, are in camp together in Illinois. Levi has an encounter with a buck that has been a ghost for years and his Dad arrows one of his biggest bucks to date

Blitz TV – 5:30PM

I Have So Much Energy I’m Cryin’ – The whitetail rut is here! Josh squares off with his #2 target buck at 10 yards from the ground. Pro-staffers Steve Niederer and Buddy Tunnicliffe pack their bags and head westbound to Ohio where they have an incredible week in the stand.

Dominant Bucks – 6PM

Moon Hunter – Learn DIY bowhunting strategies from real hunters hunting wild dominant bucks. Massachusetts bowhunter Cory DeSousa and new jersey bowhunter Chris Schmidt as they find, set up and arrow mature dominant bucks. Illinois / New Jersey

BuckVentures – 6:30PM

Oklahoma History – The Buckventures crew dives into the big deer history of one of their Oklahoma ranches.

Realtree's Monster Bucks – 7PM

Monster Bucks of Kansas – Do you want to hunt a monster buck? Than Kansas would be the first place to look! Join Tyler Jordan as he takes a look at true monster bucks from Kansas.

Realtree's Monster Bucks – 7:30PM

Monster Bucks of Iowa – Iowa is well known for monster bucks! David Blanton gives advice on how and why to hunt Iowa.