My Saturday Marathon Emerald Tails

April 28th 5P ET to 8P ET

My Saturday Marathon Emerald Tails

Join Sportsman Channel for the My Saturday Marathon Emerald Tails on Saturday, April 28th.

You can’t go wrong with an Emerald Tails marathon. We’ve got 3 hours of back-to-back Emerald Tails for you!

Catch it all on the My Saturday Marathon Emerald Tails and check the line-up below.

All Times Eastern*

Emerald Tails – 5PM

Captain Nathan teams up with Captain Ed to try out D.O.A.’s Sna-Koil.

Emerald Tails – 5:30PM

This week the captains find where all the cool kids are hanging out. They discover an inshore spot that is covered up with grouper of all shapes and sizes.

Emerald Tails – 6PM

Troy Lindner hunts big pike with big baits at NW Ontario’s Wilderness Lodge – and discovers some oddball walleye behavior.

Emerald Tails – 6:30PM

Emerald Tails brings you the 9th annual Elizabeth Memorial Redfish Tournament.

Emerald Tails – 7PM

Captain Todd Jones and Captain Jamie Wilkinson looks to mix up a giant bowl of Gulf gumbo with their mix bag of species.

Emerald Tails – 7:30PM

Captain Todd and Captain Jamie put the Rapala Coastal Brands to the test on some hungry Amber Jack.