My Saturday Marathon Huntress Celebration

February 17th 5P ET to 8P ET

My Saturday Marathon Huntress Celebration

Join Sportsman Channel for My Saturday Marathon Huntress Celebration on Saturday, February 17th.

This marathon is for the ladies! Who said hunting was just for men?

Catch all the action My Saturday Marathon Huntress Celebration and check the line-up below.

All Times Eastern*

Grace, Camo & Lace – 5PM

Alli hunts Southern Illinois in the prime rut.

Grace, Camo & Lace – 5:30PM

Adriana makes some wonderful memories in New Mexico while in pursuit of bugling bull elk.

Skull Bound TV – 6PM

Host Jana Waller heads back to R&K in Wyoming for the rifle elk season. She joins back up with guide Rick Miner and combs the backcountry with her 30 Nosler rifle in hopes of finding the bull she had a face to face with during the archery season.

Skull Bound TV – 6:30PM

Host Jana Waller and cameraman Jimmy head deep into the rugged canyons of the Missouri River Breaks for rutting mule deer bucks. The country is unforgiving and bucks are plenty as both double up on public land mule deer under Montana’s Big Sky.

Winchester Deadly Passion – 7PM

On a late season whitetail hunt at Warne Ranches Melissa puts in her time between the holidays and her patience pays off. Hundreds of deer are filtering through but she finally gets to full draw on the oldest buck in the group.

Winchester Deadly Passion – 7:30PM

Some years it pays to be lucky! This was one of those years for Melissa. Not only did she have a lot of luck drawing some incredible mule deer tags, but this turned out to be the year of the mule deer with one big buck after another!