My Saturday Marathon Huntress Celebration

Saturday, July 21st 5P ET to 8P ET

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Join Sportsman Channel for My Saturday Marathon Huntress Celebration on Saturday, July 21st.

This marathon is for the ladies! Who said hunting was just for men?

Catch all the action My Saturday Marathon Huntress Celebration and check the line-up below.

All Times Eastern*

WildLifers – 5PM

One of Stephanie’s biggest blessings is meeting these accomplished women and taking them on a antelope hunt.

WildLifers – 5:30PM

Stephanie Braman is back in New Mexico this week with her son, Race, on his first ever New Mexico bear hunt.

The Most Wanted List – 6PM

Kristy Lee Cook goes on her first ever archery hunt in the hopes of taking down a mule deer. Later, Jessi Jo joins Kristy for an upland bird hunt on horseback. If it flies it dies!

The Most Wanted List – 6:30PM

Special guests Uncle Si and the Sicotics take a break from their Nashville recording studio to join Kristy Lee Cook and guide Lee Orr on a wild hog and coyote hunt. Is Texas big enough to handle all three Sicos?

Winchester Deadly Passion – 7PM

Hunting the mountains of Spain for ibex is no small task. Melissa heads in for a late season hunt and is battling not only the difficult terrain, but the temps are frigid and the snow is deep making this physical hunt even harder.

Winchester Deadly Passion – 7:30PM

Colorado is well known for trophy mule deer and this hunt showcases just that. Nothing about archery spot-and-stalk hunting is easy, but the caliber of these bucks makes it worth the hard work!