My Saturday Marathon Masters Class

January 14th 5P ET to 8P ET

My Saturday Marathon Master Class

Join Sportsman Channel for the My Saturday Marathon Masters Class on Saturday, January 14th.

Come watch the masters of hunting in action, and take a look into the Masters Class.

See it all on the My Saturday Marathon Masters Class and check the line-up below.

All Times Eastern*

North American Whitetail – 5PM
Bluegrass Revival – James Kroll rifle hunts the Kentucky rut, Pat Hogan unveils Mathews new flagship bow, and “Build Your Own Deer Factory” opens a new chapter in northeast Alabama.

North American Whitetail – 5:30PM
South Georgia Pig Pickin’ – Pat Hogan preys on South Georgia hogs under the cover of darkness, Gordon Whittington gets technical with his TenPoint crossbow, and Dr. James Kross explores the challenge of managing industrial timberland in the South.

North American Whitetail – 6PM
Texas Past & Present – Gordon Whittington revisits his home ranch in Texas with a flintlock rifle, Pat Hogan unveils Mathews’ new Halon 32, and James Kroll talks year-round deer nutrition in the South.

Bowhunter – 6:30PM
Whole Hog – Host Mike Carney goes in search of giant Alaska-Yukon moose in the Hogatza River country of Central Alaska with well-known outfitter Stan Parkerson of Denali Hunts. This outsized adventure, two years in the making, follows in the footsteps of a legendary hunt from the early days of Bowhunter filming efforts.

Bowhunter – 7PM
Cave Man Run 2 – Bowhunter Magazine Editor Curt Wells, joined by sons Jason and Jared and grandson Carson, make a quick trip to Miles Wilhite’s Little Walnut Outfitters. In what has become a family tradition, the Wells Boys make even quicker work of big Kansas gobblers.

Bowhunter -7:30PM
Bowhunter’s 200th Episode – This special milestone show brings viewers some of our most memorable moments from over a dozen years of Bowhunter.