My Saturday Marathon The MudbuMs

February 10th 5P ET to 8P ET

My Saturday Marathon The MudbuMs

Join Sportsman Channel for My Saturday Marathon The MudbuMs on Saturday, February 10th.

It’s catfishing time, and The MudbuMs are getting down and dirty!

Catch all the action My Saturday Marathon The MudbuMs and check the line-up below.

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The MudbuMs – 5PM

Willy and Crash head south to join catfishing legend, Steve “Big D” Douglas, on the hunt for monster blue cats. The Big D takes the boys to his secret hole where he once landed a 98-pound blue, but will they have the same luck?

The MudbuMs – 5:30PM

The MudbuMs head to Memphis for the largest catfishing tournament of the year. With Willy on the water, the rest of the boys setup shop at the Bass Pro Pyramid as people come to watch nearly 200 boats weigh their monsters at the end of the day.

The MudbuMs – 6PM

If you could only smell through your TV. After many requests, Crash and Shiner finally whip up some delicious river delicacies on their first ever cooking episode. So grab your cast iron and a writing utensil because you may want to take some notes.

The MudbuMs – 6:30PM

The MudbuMs head to one of their favorite spring time holes for a week of camping, fishing, cooking, and some good ol’ tomfoolery. Last year it was their most successful fishing trip, but with fluctuating spring weather, they don’t know what to expect this time around.

The MudbuMs – 7PM

Things are getting wild at The Green Hornet as the MudbuMs have one of their best days of fishing to date. Is it Crash’s lucky hat or Willy’s lucky pole on turtle bend? To top it off, the boys have their annual slingshot shootout.

The MudbuMs – 7:30PM

The bait is getting low so it’s probably time to go. The MudbuMs spend their last few days fishing the Green Hornet and in the spirit of good ol’ competition, come up with a new game that will most likely be an Olympic sport within the next 6 years.