Realtree Edge Hunt Camp

Saturday, October 13th 2P ET to 7:30P ET

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Join Sportsman Channel for Realtree Edge Hunt Camp on Saturday, October 13th.

We’ve got a marathon of 6 hours of your favorite Realtree pros and shows!

Catch all the action on Realtree Edge Hunt Camp and check the line-up below.

All Times Eastern*

Realtree's Monster Bucks – 2:00PM

Bill Jordan Early Years – Realtree Founder Bill Jordan looks back at some of his favorite hunts from the early years of Realtree Outdoors. Guests include Brad Harris and Dale Earnhardt.

Realtree Outdoors – 2:30PM

Canada Mule Deer – Tyler Jordan crosses the Northern Border to hunt mule deer in Canada.

Realtree Road Trips – 3:00PM

Best Deer of Realtree Road Trips – Since 2003 the Road Trips crew has traveled the country chasing mature whitetails. On this show we take a look back on some of the most memorable and biggest deer that have ever been captured on the Road Trips cameras.

Realtree Outdoors – 3:30PM

Jordan’s Kansas – Bill and Tyler Jordan hunt with friend and Outfitter, Perry Ross in Kansas.

Realtree’s Monster Bucks – 4:00PM

David Blanton Early Years – David Blanton’s look back at his early years includes some of his favorite hunts as well as clips from Whitetails in The Wild, the first show ever produced by Realtree Outdoors.

Realtree’s Monster Bucks – 4:30PM

Georgia Whitetails – Join Bill Jordan as he reflects on previous hunts around Realtree Farms. Bill will be hunting with his children, Tyler, Graycen, and Colton. Also joining the action this week is Roger Culpepper and Michael Pitts

Realtree Outdoors – 5:00PM

Wyoming Elk – Sharing hunting camp with one of your sons has to be one of the all-time highlights for a dad! David Blanton and son Harman both drew Wyoming Elk tags in the same unit. Definitely a trip of a lifetime!

Realtree Outdoors – 5:30PM

A Hunt of a Lifetime: Milk River Chip – David Blanton fulfills a 5-year promise to brain cancer survivor Chip Madren.

Realtree Road Trips – 6:00PM

Waddell New Mexico Elk – Michael Waddell loves to hunt elk just about as much as he likes to hunt turkeys. Drawing a New Mexico elk tag, Waddell was geared up to hunt down one of these majestic animals.

Realtree Outdoors – 6:30PM

Kansas David –David hunt one of his biggest bucks ever over the course of the week. Coming close several times the hunt comes down to the wire.

Realtree Road Trips – 7:00PM

Nick Illinois – Nick Mundt takes a giant whitetail in the snow in Illinois.

Realtree Outdoors – 7:30PM

7J Wyoming – Year 21 at Seven J Outfitters in Wyoming. David Blanton is Joined by Justin Martin, John Godwin, Brad Schor and Kristen McDaniel for another awesome bow hunt with the famed outfitter.