The Daily Reload Presented by FN

Enjoy a fast-paced hour of raw firepower – presented by respected experts.
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Gear Up Mondays Presented by SecureIt

They’re at home in the woods, the mountains and the wide open spaces so don’t
miss the hunting and world-class adventures on Gear Up Mondays.
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Monday Night Hunts Presented by MidwayUSA

A night for dangerous, high-elevation adventures,
long-range hunts and epic big game encounters.
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Time to Prey Tuesdays Presented by Ravin Crossbows
It’s a dream team of big game hunters, wing shooters and anglers – and
they show off their skills all morning long.
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Scent Killer Tuesdays
Join the Trophy Tuesdays team – and take your hunting skill-set to a higher level.
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Realtree Hunting Camp Tuesdays
Realtree Hunting Camp Tuesdays is for tough, battle-tested hunters
who know their way around the great outdoors.
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Bullseye Wednesdays Presented by Mission Crossbows
Bullseye Wednesdays features a lineup of iconic Western hunters who know the territory.
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We put on a hunting clinic every Thursday afternoon. Our hosts are more
than great hunters – they’re great teachers, too.
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On Thursdays, it’s a night to celebrate our freedoms – and America’s top gunners.
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This Friday, it’s time to tag out! Friday in the Field boasts a world-class lineup of outdoorsmen
who travel the globe in search of once-in-a-lifetime hunting experiences.
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SC_Full Draw Fridays_Block_640x450
It’s the only full night of bowhunting on TV, so let it fly!
Step into bow range and nock ‘em down.
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Chevy Silverado Saturdays
It’s the best of the outdoors – from A to Z. Led by popular hosts,
Chevy Silverado Saturdays takes you all over the map, with excitement at every stop.
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Out here, there are no boundaries. You can hunt the globe,
hit the Western high country, or shoot turkeys and waterfowl.
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Sundays at Sunrise

Join Sportsman Channel bright and early Sunday morning for some epic fishing.
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Get Up and Go Sundays Presented by Geico

Nothing beats Sunday morning. After you sleep in, hit the man cave and
tune in to three hours of explosive hunting action.
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