Scent Killer Trophy Tuesdays Presented by Wildlife Research Center

Tuesdays 3P to 7P ET

Scent Killer Trophy Tuesdays

Join the Trophy Tuesdays team – and take your hunting skill-set to a higher level. Tag along on high-energy hunts with hardcore hunting personalities like Pigman, Steven Rinella, Tim Wells and Razor Dobbs. And be sure to check out the new series Blitz TV featuring former pro football star Trent Cole.

3P ET – Small Town Hunting
3:30P ET – Blitz TV
4P ET – Brotherhood Outdoors
4:30P ET – Razor Dobbs Alive
5P ET – Relentless Pursuit
5:30P ET – Pigman: The Series
6P ET – MeatEater
6:30P ET – MeatEater


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