AUGUST 22 WED - 10:30PM
AUGUST 23 THU - 1:30AM
AUGUST 24 FRI - 3:30AM
AUGUST 24 FRI - 11:30AM
AUGUST 26 SUN - 5:00PM
The Adrenaline flows as the crew showcase the giant bucks encounters to come after riding the whitetail roller coaster for an entire season. Fasten your safety harness as giants begin to appear in the Midwest.


The adrenaline flows as you get a front row seat to the heart-pounding action while hosts Kyle Wieter and Linda Sanchez, along with the rest of the Adrenaline crew hunt Midwestern whitetails. Harvesting 100% fair chase giant whitetails is not for the faint of heart, but this crew absolutely thrives on the challenge! Come along for a whitetail roller coaster ride filled with the highest of highs, lowest of lows and unexpected turn of events that are unavoidable while hunting these ultimate survival machines.

Host & Bios

Kyle Wieter

Kyle Wieter

Kyle picked up his first bow 30 years ago. Since then he has harvested over 20 giant bucks, Pope & Young Bear, Pope & Young Caribou and record-book caliber turkeys. While he is an experienced, accomplished bow-hunter, his true passion is focused on hunting mature whitetail bucks. He has developed a keen understanding of what he dubs the “Ultimate Survival Machines”. Along the way, he discovered a love and talent for capturing the action of the hunt on film and his series Adrenaline was born.

Kyle’s son Logan and daughter Jessie are an integral part of the show, along with their dog Cass. For the Wieter’s, and so many families across the country, hunting is a family affair. Kyle is a dedicated dad that believes family comes first and involves his kids every step of way.