Al McGlashan’s Fish’n With Mates


Australia’s best known angler and crazy underwater photographer Al McGlashan’s new series Al McGlashan’s Fish’n With Mates is an incredible fishing adventure around the world. From the giant tuna of Ascension Island to the beautiful Sydney Harbour or the wilds of Papua New Guinea, this visually amazing series has it all both above and below the surface. Sharks, marlin, crocodiles, huge tuna, Al and the boys take it all on!

Host & Bios

Al McGlashan

Al McGlashan

Al McGlashan is a Aussie fishing legend. Famous for his encounters with big fish both above and below the surface, Al simply lives to fish. Better still he films all his adventures from around the globe be it jumping in with sharks, swimming with giant yellowfin tuna or back country bass. His exciting new series, Al McGlashan’s Fish’n With Mates, encapsulates this Aussie adventurer and his passion for fishing.