American Rebel chronicles the life of Andy Ross. Daily activities include hunting, performing music, driving the 2nd Amendment Muscle Car, and 
running a wine label, bow company, and guitar company. He also interacts
with his Nashville management company to promote and schedule events,
 capturing the Music City vibe of Nashville and the music industry. If any 
red-blooded American had a free pass to do what they wanted to do, they 
would run with Andy as he hunts, enjoys fast cars, rock-n-roll, and soaks 
up as much America as he possibly can.

Host & Bios

Andy Ross

Andy Ross

Host of American Rebel – Bowhunter – Musician – Patriot – Entrepreneur.

Andy burns patriotic fuel and lays constitutional rubber as he bow hunts the extreme, rocks stages across this great country and brings quality products to the marketplace.

As the host of American Rebel I am blessed to show my pursuit of the American Dream on national television.