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OCTOBER 20 SAT - 12:00PM
Before a return trip to New Jersey, Josh takes a youth hunter on his first ever whitetail hunt and Pro-staffer Buddy Tunnicliffe gets an opportunity for redemption after a mishap earlier in the season.
Josh wraps up his 2nd trip to the Garden State with some last minute, last night luck. Richie Elam struggles with the deer and missing his kids while hunting Maryland.


Real people. Real lives. Real hunting. As they try to find an equilibrium between work, family and pursuing their passion of hunting mature big game, two-time NFL Pro-bowler Trent Cole, his co-host Josh Atkinson and the Blitz TV crew, take viewers full circle from one hunting season to the next and bring them true-to-life struggles and victories from in and out of the woods.

Balancing life’s demands while playing the chess match with wild, fair chase animals is a tough endeavor, but it’s one these men and women revel in. As they attempt to tip the scales in their favor, viewers will see all the strategies they employ to achieve success, as well as jokes and tomfoolery between friends.

Sometimes they succeed and sometimes the outcome they’re looking for ends up just beyond reach. Either way, they have a blast doing it and invite all to take a front row seat on the wild ride as they attempt to finish the game.

Host & Bios

Trent Cole

Trent Cole

Born and raised in Southern Ohio, Trent is the cornerstone of Blitz TV. As a two-time NFL Pro-bowler known as a run stopper and a relentless pass rusher, his leadership, energy, attitude and passion are nothing short of contagious. With deeply seeded roots in farming and the outdoor lifestyle, enjoying the great outdoors and sharing it with others, Trent is not your run-of-the-mill professional athlete.

Throughout his 12 seasons in the NFL, he became known as “Tha Hunter” and his infatuation with hunting continued to shine through as he’d draw his “air-bow” after every sack or big play. As he steps off the football field and into full-time roles as a father, husband, farmer and hunter, he continues to solidify those roots in the outdoors with the same fervor he showed chasing quarterbacks on Sunday. From the mountains and plains of the west to the shores of the East Coast, his mission of sharing his adventures in the woods and on the water with others more intense than ever.

Josh Atkinson

Josh Atkinson

After watching his first episode of Marty Stouffer’s Wild America as a toddler, Josh has been fascinated by the outdoors, wildlife and game management. An avid outdoorsman ever since he obtained his first hunting license at the age of 15, he continues to enjoy hunting all game species, trapping predators and introducing others to the outdoors.

While his heart lies in bowhunting mature whitetails and turkeys, hunting any species in any location is an experience he can’t resist. Josh picked up his first camera and started filming hunts in college in the late 90s. He’s been fortunate enough to harvest a DIY moose on video and 14 Pope and Young class animals in the last nine years, including three gross Boone and Crockett whitetails in the last five seasons. Sharing the journey, adventure and passion for the outdoors through video is what he lives for.