Petersen’s Hunting TV Presents Border to Border


A five part mini-series that traces the steps of Lewis and Clark from St. Louis to the Pacific.

Border to Border was born by a desire to rekindle the adventure of hunting. Like the hunters of old who trekked through the West with only basic provisions, a map of the land and a desire to see new country, we intend to recapture that adventure and excitement in a modern world.


Host & Bios

Mike Schoby

Mike Schoby

Born in Seattle Washington, Mike Schoby grew up hunting blacktails and Roosevelt elk. While the Pacific Northwest still calls to him, over the span of 20 years he has hunted most of the United States, several Canadian provinces, Mexico, South America, several African countries and New Zealand. He has written five books on hunting ranging from predator calling to do-it-yourself western big game. Mike Schoby is the Editor of Petersen’s Hunting magazine.