Brad Farris’ Game Plan


Brad Farris’ Game Plan will let viewers delve into the hunting tips and tricks of one of the top hunters in the land. Each episode, Farris will head to a different destination where he’ll have to scout the animals, learn their patterns, and develop a game plan for success. This is no LA type reality show with pretty people and rock music. This is hard-core scouting, hard-core strategizing and hard-core hunting; All backed up by “REAL Hunting”

Host & Bios

Brad Farris

Brad Farris

In 1987, Brad Farris began working in the hunting industry for Indian Archery Outfitters, tuning bows and fletching arrows. This is where Brad met and became friends with Will Primos. Brad went to work for Will Primos in the Spring of 1997. Before long Brad was running the TV & Video Department at Primos and did so until 2011 as VP of TV & Video.

Now Brad is working full time on his own TV Series, Brad Farris’ Game Plan and consulting with land owners across the country on how to best manage the deer and other wildlife populations on their property in order to get the best recreational opportunities out of the land.