Brotherhood Outdoors


MAY 1 SUN - 11:00AM
Guest Mark Kezler feels the vibration as toms come drumming, spitting & gobbling within 100 yards. Yet the wise old South Dakota Merriam's dodge the plan again and again as hosts Daniel Lee and Julie try to lure them within Mark's range.
MAY 3 TUE - 3:00PM
MAY 5 THU - 3:00PM
MAY 6 FRI - 11:30PM
Seeing 100 deer the first day is a dream hunt itself for guest Keith Gilmer, a PA sheet metal worker, who waits patiently for a big Montana muley to appear from amidst the abundant whitetails and give him the perfect shot.


Hosted by Daniel Lee Martin and Julie McQueen, Brotherhood Outdoors is a TV series of the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance that showcases the talents and passions of everyday working men and women as they set out on extraordinary hunting and fishing adventures across North America. Viewers will follow Martin, McQueen and featured guests up rugged mountains for elk, through thick timber for black bear, atop ocean waves for tarpon, across open fields for whitetail and everywhere in between. Throughout the roller-coaster ride of close encounters, barely misses, trophy catches and perfect shots, viewers get an intimate glimpse into the lives of these inspiring, blue-collar American workers.

Host & Bios

Daniel Lee Martin and Julie McQueen

Daniel Lee Martin and Julie McQueen

With nearly 50 years of combined worldwide hunting and fishing experience, Daniel Lee Martin and Julie McQueen form Brotherhood Outdoors’ dynamic host duo. Together, they brought their passion for the outdoors to the TV screen as the former hosts of Backstage & Backroads. After five successful years, they felt compelled to try something new. Providing everyday American workers with outdoor adventures of a lifetime on Brotherhood Outdoors was the opportunity they were looking for. In fact, they call it divine intervention and are thrilled to now co-host a show about the traditions that bind America’s blue-collar sportsmen and women.