BuckVentures: The Woodsman



MARCH 24 SAT - 5:30AM
MARCH 26 MON - 12:30AM
Evan Green and friends hunt the toughest and biggest coyote tournament of Oklahoma.


MARCH 26 MON - 8:00AM
MARCH 29 THU - 7:30PM
MARCH 31 SAT - 5:30AM
Jeff Danker opens the gates for Evan Green to hunt coyotes on their Northwest Oklahoma deer lease.


BuckVentures: The Woodsman is all about family, good friends and chasing critters all over the Midwest and beyond! Jeff Danker, along with his daughters Jaylee and Gracie Danker, Buddy Groom, and Daniel McVay are hunters that just love God’s great outdoors. BuckVentures’ crew knows what it takes to harvest mature animals. Year after year they put the work in and show what it takes to make it happen.

Host & Bios

Daniel McVay

Daniel McVay

Daniel was raised in Weston, West Virginia. He grew up hunting with his father from age 3, and was hunting on his own by age 7. Daniel guided hunts in Pike County and along the way, Daniel met Jeff Danker, and so began Daniel’s role in Buckventures Outdoors. Jeff and Daniel’s friendship bloomed into Daniel joining the Buckventures Pro-Staff, and today Daniel is the land manager and co-host for BuckVentures: The Woodsman.

Buddy Groom

Buddy Groom

Buddy Groom is co-owner of BVO Productions. He lives in Ovilla, Texas with his wife, Angela, and their 5 children. Buddy played professional baseball for 19 years; with 13 of those years in the majors. He was raised in a Christian home where his father was a minister of music. Hunting has been a lifelong passion and he considers himself blessed to be a part of the hunting industry.

Jeff Danker

Jeff Danker

Jeff is co-owner and manager of BVO Productions. He started BuckVentures in 2003 with the motto “Shoot by Sight, Walk by Faith” based off of 2 Corinthians 5:7 and has been hosting hunting shows ever since. Jeff spent time as a professional team roper before starting his career in television. In addition to hunting for a living, Jeff speaks about his faith in church’s all across the country. Jeff is married to his wife, Traci, with 2 daughters, Jaylee and Gracie.