ConQuest 200



ConQuest 200 TV is based on the life and drama surrounding the breeding and farming of 200-inch Whitetails. Episodes bring the viewer inside ConQuest Deer Farm’s gates to become witness to their genetic design program.  Genetics along with nutrition creates some of North American’s largest typical whitetails.  From Artificial Insemination to birth, the show encompasses the life and death of this magnificent animal, captivating the hunter and non-hunter alike.

ConQuest 200 goes beyond  “reality show” realms with its un-scripted drama, which in turn educate the viewer with each incident that occurs. Viewers are drawn to the beautiful innocence of fawns and marveled with the majesty of world-class bucks as the Conquest Crew is faced with constant challenges.


Host & Bios

Doug & Karen Roberts

Doug & Karen Roberts

Doug Roberts “The Deer Professor” raises some of the largest Typical Whitetail Deer Genetics in North America. Alongside Karen Roberts, his wife and CEO of ConQuest Scents (the makers of EverCalm) they produce and manufacture the best hunting scents in the world including VS-1 Estrus and RuttingBuck Scents.