Dead Dog Walkin’



From the creators of The Fowl Life with Chad Belding, we bring you Dead Dog Walkin! Join us as we take you on every stand throughout America, Canada, and Mexico. We chase coyotes, bobcats, badgers, and any other predators who want to lobby for their seat at the top of the food chain.

Dead Dog Walkin’ is an adrenaline rush that will have you itching to get in the truck and hit the hills with Chad Belding and Team Maniac! Dead Dog Walkin’ will not stop with just great footage. You’ll see behind the scenes as each day plays out, learn from some of the best predator hunters in the country, and you’ll be kept in stitches with constant comic relief!

Are you ready for a new breed of predator hunters? Ready for the adrenaline to rush through your body and are you ready to challenge your inner hunter. We are the American Hunter and this is Dead Dog Walkin’!

Host & Bios

Chad Belding

Chad Belding

Chad has been intrigued with communicating and tricking predators ever since he watched it be done for the first time. He has always wanted to perfect the vocalizations of the male and female coyote as well as the distress sounds that bring those predators charging!


Chad is the host of the nationally acclaimed series The Fowl Life as well as Dead Dog Walkin’ on Sportsman Channel and WILD TV. He was first brought into the hills by his father Orville Belding who passed away in 2006, but had plenty of time to teach Chad the ways of the wild.


He gets to spend a ton of time in the country with both of his brothers who work on Dead Dog Walkin’ Clint and Clay Belding. He also cherishes the time he gets to spend with the rest of his friends and family including mother Faith, and daughter Alyssa Riley.


Chad has appeared in several DVD and video productions including Devil Dogs and the Rest When Your Dead Series. Chad is also the founder of The Banded Nation, which has introduced several brands to the market including Banded, Banded Gear, Banded Calls, Banded Hunts, Banded University, Banded Fusion, and Banded Innovations.


There is no telling what Chad might get into next, but one thing is for sure, he will never get tired of seeing those predators come to his call and tricking them with his instincts for this awesome sport! Chad loves to introduce kids to the great heritage of hunting and is truly humbled that he gets to hunt for a living!

Clay Belding

Clay Belding

Clay was born May 12, 1978 in Reno, Nevada. He is married to his beautiful wife, Dawn. They recently had their first baby, a boy, Chase Orville Belding.


Growing up, Clay excelled in sports and received a baseball scholarship to the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He started hunting at a very early age thanks to his late father, Orville. Some of his fondest memories are hunting with his dad and two brothers, Chad and Clint. He is a Realtor for Transaction Realty 500 in Reno, Nevada and videographer, primarily working for Banded Productions.


Over the years, Clay has been involved with the Nevada Waterfowl Association, Greenwing Days, and Ducks Unlimited. Clay cherishes the friendships made possible through his associations with these companies.


Working in the outdoor industry has allowed Clay to travel the country, Canada, and Mexico with his brother, Chad. He cannot thank them enough for allowing him these opportunities. Clay loves traveling, meeting new friends along the road.


When not hunting, Clay enjoys spending as much time as he can with his family, especially at Sunday family dinners at his mom Faith’s, house. He also enjoys working in the yard, hanging out with friends, and fly-fishing in Northern Nevada.


He wants to thank his late father, Orville, for teaching him about the outdoors, but most of all, to always keep your family first.

Clint Belding

Clint Belding

Clint was born in Reno, NV in 1976. He is currently living in Sparks, NV with his wife, Heather, his two stepdaughters, Ashleigh and Emma, and his two boys, Chance and Caden. He owns a physical therapy practice in Sparks, Belding Physical Therapy.


Although his family and his business keep him very busy, he takes every opportunity to hit the road and head to the duck blind, chase big game, or call in a coyote. Since he and his two brothers, Chad and Clay, all live in the Spanish Springs valley, it isn’t too tough to throw the hunting gear in the truck, load up the four-wheelers and head out of town.


Clint has hunted his whole life. From a young age, he was always trying to keep up with his Dad, Orv, as he stomped up the mountains in pursuit of deer, antelope, or on the way to the blind. His Dad instilled a hard work ethic from the very beginning and he always uses inspirational words to tackle the great challenges that a wily coyote, an instinctual deer, or a seasoned mallard may present in the field!

Alex Crosby

Alex Crosby

Alex Crosby started hunting as soon as he could safely shoot a shotgun; he lugged his single shot .410 behind his Dad every hunting season. The outdoor lifestyle is in his blood; he comes from a long line of sportsman in his family, and continues to keep the tradition alive today.


Alex loves to chase everything from big game to predators, and has made it not only his passion, but also his career. This is a family affair for Alex, both his older brothers as well as his Mom and Dad can be regularly found on the back roads of Nevada pursuing the outdoor lifestyle.


Alex is on the staff of Banded Productions, and over sees the daily operation, and inner workings of this thriving outdoors business. Hunting predators has become one of his favorite sports, and filming for Dead Dog Walkin’ consumes most of his free time. “There is nothing like seeing a coyote charge into a stand sometimes inside of a few yards, it really gets your adrenaline flowing!”


Hunting is deeply ingrained in Alex’s life, and will remain there forever. “I am proud to say I am an American Hunter, and I have been Banded!”