Donnie Vincent’s The River’s Divide is an award-winning documentary that features Donnie Vincent’s two-year bowhunting journey into the badlands of North Dakota. Join Donnie on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure as he attempts to balance his often-obsessive pursuit of a single whitetail buck notoriously nickname ‘Steve’. Vincent’s clear love of the harsh and often inhospitable Badlands is apparent as he battles the ups and downs of chasing a mature whitetail in the middle of the vast wilderness.

Host & Bios

Donnie Vincent

Donnie Vincent

It was in Connecticut where I grew up that my love of wildlife and hunting really developed.  I know what you’re thinking… Connecticut? Wildlife?  But it was snapping turtles, leopard frogs and garter snakes that instilled my passion for exploration and biology.  I couldn’t get enough books about them, or all the other animals of the world.

My love of hunting and adventure is no doubt ancestral.  However, it was my father’s stories of hunting northern Maine and his collection of Jack O’Connor authored books that inspired me most. Man, those stories of mountain hunts, grizzly bears, pack trains, hunters taping out their Dall sheep horns by lantern; it was all I ever wanted to do. Today I am driven by my own adventures, if for no other reason than to find my own great stories.