Down South


Down South follows Justin Martin and his friends as they hunt some of the most beautiful and remote areas across the South Eastern U.S.. Down South features hunts and adventures of all sorts and includes some hilarious moments and situations along the way.

This group of Southerners chases critters through pine plantations, swamplands and fields all over the South while making memories with family and friends. Whitetails, hogs, dove, turkey, snakes, bow fishing and more! If it can be hunted in the South, these boys get after it.

It’s all about exciting hunts, awesome adventures, beautiful places and good times with great friends Down South.

Host & Bios

Justin Martin

Justin Martin

Justin Martin of Enterprise, Alabama has lived most of his life from behind a bow. Starting at age 10, Justin fell in love with the sport of archery and continues to have that passion to this day. Martin has won the following archery titles: ASA Open A Shooter of the Year title (1998), IBO Male Pro Shooter of the Year title (2001) and the Buckmasters World Championship (2003). The idea behind “The Season” came from the conjunction of his love of hunting with his production experience. Martin’s accomplishments don’t only apply to archery. He was a kicker at Auburn University. He still holds several high school and state records. He’s also a successful homebuilder in his hometown of Enterprise, Alabama and enjoys the support of his wife, Anna Beth.