DreamPoint’s Game of Inches



MARCH 23 THU - 12:30AM
MARCH 23 THU - 4:00PM
MARCH 25 SAT - 6:00AM
Justin puts the work in during the hot summer months in preparation for the fall. After planting food plots and locating new stand locations, Justin finally climbs into the stand for his first whitetail hunt of the season.
MARCH 29 WED - 9:30PM
MARCH 30 THU - 12:30AM
MARCH 30 THU - 4:00PM
With a few days between hunting trips, Justin decides to try his luck for a few days in his home state of Michigan. Not expecting much, in an area that doesn't produce many trophy whitetails, Justin finds sign that leads him to believe there may be a mature buck in the area. Sometimes it's just better to be lucky than good.


DreamPoint’s Game of Inches and host Justin Olk take you on an epic journey across the globe in pursuit of today’s most sought after trophies. DreamPoint’s unique style of beautiful videography and mood setting music allow you to experience the hunt rather than simply watch it. In it’s third season DreamPoint brings you their best with 10 species hunted over 11 states and 3 countries. Every episode brings you a new adventure and a new experience.

Host & Bios

Justin Olk

Justin Olk

DreamPoint’s Game of Inches host/producer Justin Olk takes hunting to the extreme in DreamPoint’s Game of Inches’ third season on Sportsman Channel. Always living for the challenge, Justin encounters some of his most difficult hunts during his most epic season to date. Allowing the viewer to be part of the journey continues to be Justin’s main focus while producing the series, showing the industry that all hunting shows do not need to be alike.