Dropped: Project Yukon


The sophomore season sees Chris and Casey Keefer try to survive and conquer the wilds of Canada’s vast Yukon Territory.

“For more than 100 years humans have tried to domesticate the Yukon–and to this day, it’s yet to be conquered,” said Casey Keefer. “This season tested our mental and physical survival skills more than ever. We’re traveling further than we did in Project Alaska, and we’re really pushing the limits across the board.”

“The odds are definitely stacked against us each time we set out for Dropped, so we really have to push ourselves to the max in order to get it done for our fans,” said Chris Keefer.


Host & Bios

Chris Keefer

Chris Keefer

The elder Keefer brother by four years, he got his start in the hunting industry by working as a whitetail guide. That experience shaped him into a diligent student of the whitetail game. As co-host of BackCountry Quest and Dropped, Chris spends countless hours in pursuit of a wide array of big game trophies in some of the world’s most epic destinations.

His ability to capture the essence of the hunt and share it with viewers is a huge reason why he’s an acclaimed outdoorsman and filmmaker, as well as one of the industry’s most respected pro staffers. Chris is focused on educating viewers about the gear he trusts for his safety and success.

Casey Keefer

Casey Keefer

Casey Keefer began hunting at an early age, and was addicted from the get-go. With a goal of turning his bowhunting passion into his life’s work, he followed the same path as Chris and guided whitetail hunters for several seasons. After a few seasons of consistently putting his clients in front of trophy-class deer, Casey quickly evolved from hunting guide to popular television personality.

His intensity, honesty and ability to tell an authentic, compelling story with cutting-edge production value has made Casey a fan favorite personality and a highly sought after pro staffer for many of the top brands in the outdoor industry. He’s a self professed whitetail addict who spends more than 250 days a year studying, scouting and hunting big bucks!