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AUGUST 22 FRI - 10:00PM
AUGUST 23 SAT - 1:00AM
AUGUST 27 WED - 11:00AM
Fred goes on a do-it-yourself deer hunt in Colorado and then a guided Mule deer hunt in New Mexico. Does he double down or fold?
AUGUST 29 FRI - 10:00PM
Fred heads to Montana after whitetails. He pushes a shot opportunity on a big buck and ends up regretting it.

Host & Bios

Fred Eichler

Fred Eichler

Fred’s owner of Fulldraw Outfitters.  When he is not guiding hunters he splits his time between wildlife photography, freelance writing and trapping.  He is the Traditional Editor for Bowhunter Magazine and his articles and photos have appeared in Predator Nation Magazine, Muley Crazy,  Bowhunter, Bowhunting World, North American Hunter, Buckmasters, Traditional Bowhunter and many other magazines.

He was the first person to harvest all of the 29 North American species recognized by Pope and Young with a recurve bow.  He is the host of Easton Bowhunting TV and Predator Nation on the Sportsman’s Channel.  He resides in Aguilar, Colorado with his wife Michele, their three boys, eleven hounds,  a golden retriever, a chocolate Lab, Ten horses, twenty chickens, fifteen cows, one goat and an ugly cat.


Easton Bowhunting TV is truly an an adventure based bowhunting show with host Fred Eichler.
Fred takes viewers on adventures all over the country for different species where week to week there is no telling what species he will be after. Fred’s unique blend of humor and bowhunting experience along with his mantra “any animal with a bow is a trophy” makes this a refreshing,fun and educational bowhunting experience from beginning to end.

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