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Black Bear Bowhunt
Elite Archery's Respect the Game TV crew heads to Saskatchewan for the annual black bear hunt, however this trip is unlike any other. With Mother Nature handing down pouring rain and high winds, the guys have to deal more with cabin fever than bear hunting. Will a few chance encounters with bears willing to brave the elements prove to be successful or will the hunters have to leave Canada for the first time ever empty handed?


Elite Archery’s Respect The Game TV is a 100% bowhunting, action packed, high quality production focusing on hunting big and small game animals. Respect the Game TV leaves the era of reality show style hunting behind and stays true to the goal of showcasing multiple bowhunts per episode.

Elite’s team of skilled bowhunters travel North America hunting big game animals from antelope in the Western Plains to the whitetails of the Midwest to giant black bears in Canada.

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The Sportsman Channel