Leupold’s Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg


Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg takes viewers through a year in the life of one of America’s most dedicated, hard-core hunters – someone who lives hunting 24/7.

Follow Randy on action packed extreme public land hunts and learn the dedication, work, and passion it takes to complete these amazing adventures. Preparing gear, scouting, and research…everything it takes to pull it off with the complications of TV production. This behind the scenes look brings the real action and raw emotions only found in extreme hunting.

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Host & Bios

Randy Newberg

Randy Newberg

Host and producer of Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg, has become the face of self-guided hunting on the public lands of the West. Randy takes viewers to remote locations, showing the uncommon experiences available to the common hunters of America.

As an avid conservationist, Randy advocates on behalf of hunters, educating his audience in the role hunters have played in restoring wildlife to American in what he calls “The greatest story never told.” Randy shares his passion for our public lands, a place for all hunters,” whether they are, or are not, a man of means.”