Gun It with Benny Spies



Gun It with Benny Spies is the outdoor television trailblazer in lifestyle, character and story-driven TV. There’s hundreds of outdoor shows in the outdoor genre but only one reality outdoor series focused on the authentic portrayal of how the majority of Americans naturally experience the outdoors.

Gun It excels at finding the best characters, telling the most engaging stories, both entertaining and sincere, and is one of the industry’s best at producing compelling reality TV.

It’s about having fun and connecting with the largest, most ignored demographic in the business: the EVERYOUTDOORSMAN. That’s who Benny is and that’s who wants to connect with Benny.

Host & Bios

Benny Spies

Benny Spies

After 11 years of persistence and perseverance Benny made his dream of creating and hosting a TV show a reality. It’s not about the high-dollar game hunt or having the best gear money can buy. It’s about going out and doing things the way he was taught; getting’ dirty, pullin’ the trigger and havin’ fun with friends and the people he meets throughout the small towns he travel.

Benny has earned degrees from both South Dakota State University and Florida State University and garnered TV experience working behind the scenes for Late Night with Conan O’Brien, in the Page Program for NBC, in production for VH1 and as a show host for VERSUS, NBC Sports Network, and Animal Planet. He is now thrilled to have found a new home for ‘Gun It’ on the Sportsman Channel. At the end of the day, Benny will always maintain that he’s just a guy from South Dakota with a genuine obsession for the outdoors.