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10-2014 - All New
We hit the ground running hard this week with new handguns from Kahr and Armscor and a great new optic from our friends at Leupold. Kahr and Armscor may not be household names to some handgunners, but both companies are making significant inroads in the semiauto pistol market in 2014. Kahr is catching the attention of shooters looking for a reliable semiauto pistol that carries an affordable price tag. No sticker shock here as this new CF semiauto impresses our guys at the range while they have to double check to make certain the msrp is's price point is that attractive. Armscor is based in the Philippines but they've been doing their homework in our backyard, the good old United States of America. The end result are several notable introductions, including their new version of a 1911 .4t5 (we can never have too many .45s, can we?), and a neat little semiauto pistol that is chambered in a totally new cartridge. That's always newsworthy, isn't it. This week we will focus on the new cartridge and pistol. Leupold brings us the next generation Delta Point, the Delta Point II, and it has some significant noteworthy features that will catch your attention. In our exclusive report, we compare and contrast the Delta Point I to the new model and offer our at the range reaction to this exciting new product introduction in the optics field.
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11-2014 - All New
It appears 2014 will be a banner year for new semiauto pistols and revolvers, and this week's show provides strong evidence that three industry firearms leaders--Ruger, S&W and SIGSauer--will be one of the trios leading the pack. All three are putting new guns into the marketplace, S&W and Ruger with new revolvers and SIG with a dandy semiauto pistol. What's newsworthy here--without giving away all the interesting details--is that each handgun is different and is being built to cater to a shooter's specific needs. The wife won't like to hear this but you just may need all three after viewing these special At The Range reports. Of course, you may convince her she could very well need one of the three....We move on to low light training scenarios in another special report, and while your first reaction may be it's a topic that's already been covered, we believe we shed some new "light" on this critical training element. Finally, we "lose" a rifle and ammo in a pond overnight and recover it just in time to see if it remains waterlogged and unusable or sheds the water with no problem and remains operational without a glitch.


Fresh off from winning its third consecutive Sportsman Choice Award for “Best Shoot/Gun Show,” Guns & Ammo celebrates its 10th year on the air by reloading the show with four new and creative segments: Tactics of the Green Berets, Direct Fire, Personal Defense and ARs…On Target.

All of the new footage will complement our At The Range segments, which again this year will feature the most exclusive reviews on firearms, ammo and optics.

We’re introducing a new co-host for the show to work with veteran Craig Boddington. Kyle Lamb, a former U.S. Special Forces operator/soldier, will offer his expertise to help Guns & Ammo cover better than any other show all aspects of tactical and sporting firearms, ammo, optics, accessories and training techniques.

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